Friendly Vegetables Centerpieces

I do love it when Martha brings the weird, and by weird I mean completely adorable and kooky…

created on: 12/02/08

Who doesn’t love friendly, anthropomorphous root vegetables? Not me! To make this centerpiece you’ll need

  • A selection of root vegetables (oooh, and I would name them… Mr. White, Mr. Pink, Mr. Blue Mr.Rogers)
  • Push pins for eyeballs (I might add googly eyes)
  • A craft knife and a black marker.

You clean the chaps up, poke in the pins for eyes, cut a half moon
shape for a mouth and colour it in with the marker, arrange them in a
suitably menacing, cute, or bizarro way and voila, if you’re anything
like me it will have to cackling with glee for days.

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