Felt Snowflakes

Snowflakes that are fuzzy and soft are so much better than the real thing. Look how pretty these Two Sided Felt Snowflakes are:

created on: 12/12/08

creator, Molly at The Purl Bee says that you can ‘You can create your
own blizzard in a snap!’ A pretty felt blizzard sounds lovely and way
better than the real kind that stops you wearing your brand new boots
and makes your nose do that dribbly snot thing.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 pieces of felt one in your chosen colours
  • A water soluble marking pen ( I would totally use a pencil)
  • A ruler
  • 2 spools of cotton in contrasting colours
  • The handy downloadable templates provided

I reckon you could probably make them by hand if you didn’t have a sewing machine. Head on over to the always awesome Purl Bee for the full tute.