How to Turn an Old Cupboard Door into a Serving Tray

We’ve seen a similar technique involving a picture frame, but this cupboard door turned serving tray is equally superb.

To make one, you’ll need:

  • an old cupboard door
  • black acrylic paint
  • black spray paint
  • white interior paint
  • 4 machine screws
  • 2 drawer pulls
  • 4 felt pads
  • wood filler
  • sandpaper
  • newspaper
  • pencil and hi-polymer (white eraser)
  • screw driver
  • small paint brushes
  • ruler
  • painter’s palette or paper plate

To see how to proceed, follow this jump. Also, if you don’t have a steady artist’s hand, a stencil would be a great option, and I’d consider covering the entire thing with a couple coats of polyurethane to protect all your hard work.