Trendspotting: Plant a Victory Garden

created on: 01/10/09

The epitome of DIY-ing in this economy is being played out in the growing (sorry) number of dutiful stewards planting a victory garden.  This week the L.A. Times shined the light on this trend and environmentally responsible activity of good old-fashioned garden tending. 

created on: 01/10/09

Due to food shortages during World War II, Americans were urged by the government to plant their own gardens.  By 1943, Americans had planted more than 20 million Victory Gardens that reportedly produced more than 8 million tons of food. There are so many reasons to plant, tend and harvest food from your own garden, where do I begin?

1.) You control the growing process, the soil content and weed and bug control

2.) Reduce your carbon footprint

3.) Tasty vegetables from the garden to your table

4.) Reduce your grocery bill

5.) Develop a new interest and connect with others in your community and on the internet in the resurgence of the victory garden movement

6.) You get to get your hands in the soil, plant, water, tend, and watch plants grow

7.) Share your homegrown food with others

8.) You can wear a cute straw hat and gardening clogs

These next few months of winter provide lots of time to plan your garden and get connected with others doing the same.

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