11 DIY Lighting Hacks for Digital Photographers

Digital Lighting School put together a list of 11 different lighting hacks that just might turn you into an okay photographer into a good or even great one. In case you missed them, they are:

  • A Multi-Super-SB-Ring Light, made out of six speedlight flashes and a coffee can.
  • Next, a Poor Man’s Ring Flash, fashioned out of a used plastic milk jug.
  • Or how about an inexpensive light tent?
  • And the can’t-get-much-simpler Party Bouncer Card, pictured above.
  • As well as the Turkey Pan Beauty Dish, which is my favorite just ‘cuz of the name.
  • There’s also the DIY Ghetto Flash Extender.
  • And the ever helpful disposeable camera flash slave,
  • a Flash Mounted DIY Softbox,
  • Flash Bouncers, made out of craft foam,
  • a Full Budget (Friendly) DIY Lighting Studio,
  • and finally, The Fring – a DIY Flash Ring.

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