Top 13 Ways to Reuse Old Towels and Sheets

Re-nest put together 10 very clever ways to re-use old towels and sheets and I’ve thrown in three of my personal favs as well.

  1. Turn old sheets and blankets into ironing board covers.
  2. Donate them to your local animal shelter.
  3. Turn towels into knotted doggie toys.
  4. Convert little-worn sheets into curtains.
  5. Stash an old sheet in the trunk of your car for impromptu picnics.
  6. Towels and sheets in good condition but no longer your style can be donated to local homeless shelters.
  7. Hem the edges and make your own dishtowels.
  8. Old sheets can be made into tablecloths, napkins, table runners ans placemats.
  9. Sheets can also be used as lining in clothing construction.
  10. And, of course, they can be used as cleaning cloths.
  11. Keep an old towel in your trunk to protect it from soil spills that occur when delivering plants from the store to home. Old rugs work great for this too.
  12. Old sheets, depending on their color, of course, can be used for backdrops in photography.
  13. Keep an old hand towel tucked under the car seat for spill clean-ups. I also use one to tuck under my knees when I’ve sprayed on a tan to keep the leather upholstery clean. (Yes, I sometimes air-brush on a tan, but only for special occasions when a dress is involved.)

POST UPDATE: I thought of another one. Old sheets, if they’re the right color, can be great backdrops!!

For more information regarding these tips, visit Re-Nest.

Image courtesy of tanakawho on Flickr.