Shepherds’ Huts–the Perfect Backyard Getaways?

Back in the day, shepherds used shepherds’ huts as a means to keep an eye on their flocks during cold nights during lambing season. A staple of the English countryside, they’re not used much for their original intent these days. However, thanks to companies like Plankbridge, Dorset, the charming huts have found new lives as home offices, garden rooms, music rooms and studios.

Tradition, above all, is honored at Plankbridge. Their huts are hand made using Douglas fir or Larch using timber-frame housing techniques. They’re fully insulated with either mineral wool or Thermafleece sheep’s wool. Their floors are made of French oak finished with linseed oil. The windows are energy efficient and double glazed. Their doors are ‘fitted with a hand forged Suffolk latch, and a five lever mortise lock.’ The interiors of the huts measure 6′ by 11’6″ and it’s 7’6″ at its highest point.

Since each hut is hand-made, Plankbridge makes them to their customers’ specifications, adding a fold-away desk, bunk beds, electrical wiring, additional windows, a wood-burning stove and a double-stable door when requested. Prices range around £8,500 or about $12,000. Alas, Plankbridge’s website does not say if they ship to the US. They do say, however, that they do not offer ‘flat pack versions for assembly on site.’ Too bad, as I’m sure I’m not the only person in the States who’d love one.