Semi-Homemade: Make an Inexpensive Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets

created at: 2009-03-30

O.K. folks, I’m pulling out some of my best archived projects for you to SAVE $$$ by semi-creating your own decor. Often it’s more frugal to combine store-bought products with some sewing finesse’ to make  your own one-of-kind home designs. To make a really inexpensive, custom duvet cover, shop online and local sales for two flat sheets that suit your taste. The sheets above are available online at for $39.99 a set.

created at: 2009-03-30

 Buy two sets to use the flat sheets out of each set,  and use the fitted sheets to make shams, throw pillows and even some curtains.  You don’t really even have to have matching sets, just coordinates.

You’ll need:

  • sewing supplies
  • matching thread
  • a zipper half the length of a short side of your duvet

Now combine all of the above with:

*FYI-buying two flat sheets on sale can be less expensive than buying enough cut fabric yardage to make your own duvet.