How To Make an Easy Sink Skirt

created at: 2009-04-25

Hello? Haven’t I been encouraging you to undertake some of the basic jobs an upholsterer does? If you sew, and you should know how to sew, you are fully capable of tackling this type of decor yourself.  Doesn’t a $750.00 upholsterer’s estimate make you want to run out and buy Stitch Witchery?  created at: 2009-04-25

Talk about profit margin. Luckily, Eddie Ross shows you how you can save about $730.00 on this DIY project that dresses up your sink and makes for some snappy looking storage.  To make this tailored skirt, here’s a list of all you need: 

Flour sack dishtowels from Dollar Tree (11)

Grosgrain ribbon


Stitch Witchery

See the entire project right here on Eddie Ross’ blog

I’m thinking this idea could be customized for an ottoman slipcover, a dust ruffle for a bed and a tablecloth. Simple design is usually very versatile.