Color Rules for Small Spaces

Are you under the apprehension that an all-white color palette will make a small room look larger? If so, it’s actually a MIS-apprehension, according to Anne Krueger of HGTV. In her article, Color Rules for Small Spaces, Ann sets us straight about color choices for decorating rooms scant on square footage. Here’s the thumbnail version:

  • Choose Sharp Colors. They actually expand space.
  • Color Unexpected Accents. They can create depth.
  • Create a Focal Wall. Painting a wall a different color than the rest might be passe to some designers, but it can still ‘work wonders in small space[s]”.
  • Connect Spaces With Shades of Color. They can unite rooms.
  • Add Color That Travels. For apartment dwellers, add color with things that travel, like big canvasses, fabric or wall decals.¬†
  • Stretch It With Stripes. Stripes draw the eyes up, as do lighter colored ceilings, making them airier.
  • Don’t Forget Black. ¬†Adding one black object to a room helps ground spaces.
  • Experiment With Color. Whether you’re color-shy or not, it’s a good idea to buy test paint-pots first for a trial run on the walls, or use on-line color previewers.

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