How to Be Thrifty: The ‘Should You Buy it Test’

Today we officially kick off Be Thrifty week! Besides giving away three copies of the new title, Be Thrifty. How to Live Better with Less, the book’s publisher, Workman Publishing, is graciously allowing us to feature ORIGINAL content from the very fun and timely frugal-living handbook.    

This, our first of five installments, asks us to ask ourselves a simple question before we buy something: “Should You Buy It?” To help us answer, Be Thrifty suggests some follow-up questions to help us decide. Here’s a chart every thriftitarian* should memorize.

created at: 06/14/2010

*According to Be Thrifty, a Thriftitarian is a person who saves money not out of necessity, but as a lifestyle. Thriftitarians believe that if it’s not homemade, it’s not cool. (Sounds like every Curblier I know!)