Almost Every Delicious Way to serve Corn on the Cob


It’s a well-known fact that there is nothing more delicious than Indiana sweet corn in the summertime. Then you start doctoring it up and, well, you’re in heaven. Another fact is that once you get started, corn on the cob simply becomes the vehicle for sucking up tastily seasoned butters. Maybe a seasoned butter bar is all that’s needed at a barbecue and guests can slather up to their hearts’ content. (The key word being heart.) But wait, butter isn’t the only way to jazz up a cob.  Try something new like Paula Dean’s bacon wrapped, Jaime Oliver’s killer Mexican barbecued, or scrumptious smoked corn on cob?  Many of the 19 recipes listed here on TipNut open up into more recipes for the cookout favorite. These look good to me:

1. Chili-lime corn on the cob

2. Corn on the cob with Parmesan Cheese

3. Corn on the cob with Molasses Butter (Yum, sweet and savory.)

4. Curried Corn on the cob with Goat Cheese

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