Our Living Room

The living room began with faded wood panelling, had a brief stint with cream, an even more brief stint with yellow, and finally settled upon “November Sky”. The relationship survived its first year, which says a lot.

When we moved in, the windows were lined with fluorescent panels and heavy wool drapes. I bought simple, cheap cotton fabric buy the bundle from a local fabric shop and sewed like mad (I am a true novice with the machine of sewing). By the time the curtains were finished and ironed, Ikea opened and I kicked myself for spending so much time and money on them. They do make the room feel open though and they let in a lot of light.

 My favorite “piece” in the room is the chair with the fluer-de-lis design. I spied it at West Elm when it was way beyond the the realm of cost possibilities. However, I remained devoted and persistent and month later, it was reduced to half-price. One week laterit arrived to my front stoop.