How to: Make Life-Size DIY Birch Tree Trunk Wall Art

created at: 08/26/2010

 These life-size birch trunks are made from cut-up cereal boxes and left-over house paints. This is an excellent way to utilize packaging that usually ends up in the bin and  

some of those half empty buckets of paint that seem to perpetually lurk in the corners of every garage.

You will need:

Cereal Boxes (or Similar Packaging)

Left-over House or Wall Paint

White Glue

Packing Tape

Poster Gum

How To:

#1: Cut boxes into flat sections, arrange with wider sections at the base of trunk and narrower pieces at the top. Overlap the pieces a couple of inches. Run a strip of packing tape up the back (the printed side) of the trunk.

#2: Turn the trunk over (brown side) and use white glue to adhere the overlapping areas.

#3: Paint trunk with bark design.
#4: Shape the trunk by cutting with a pair of sturdy scissors.

#5: Hang trunks on the wall using a generous amount of poster gum.

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created at: 08/30/2010