The Motherlode of Master Bedroom Makeover Projects

Just you wait and see.

Wow. Talk about a bedroom makeover! Eddie Ross let homeowners Jill and Craig Logan take care of the walls and floor while he jumped in to help them choose some unassuming  second hand pieces that needed help. With his usual magic, the thrift store finds are what really bring the pizazz to this master bedroom makeover. You have to see them to believe them. 

1. Hideous nesting tables

2. Upside down side table

3. Yellow ginger jar lamps


4. Old chandalier, not that bad

5. Nondescript steel headboard

6. I really think I bought and re-donated this picture to Goodwill at one time

created at: 09/07/2010

See how simple he makes the whole transformation it look here at Eddie Ross or over on The Nest.