DIY Cross-Stitch Sweater

DIY Cross-stitch Sweater

No, we’re not talking granny sweaters… we’re thinking of the modern spin to an old look, with over-sized and bold patterns.  This very simple heart pattern would be easy to duplicate and is perfect for the cooler weather.  

Madeline of Uber Chic for Cheap really loved the giant cross-stitch look on a trendy, albeit pricey, sweater.  The basic idea was so simple, however, that she decided to take matters into her own hands and pulled out her needle and thread and created her own similar look for much, much less money. Continue Reading

Roundup: Free Christmas Printables for the Home

15 Free Holiday Printables

Is there anything easier than printable holiday decor?  I love it.  And I’m loving that so many great options are out there these days.  I’ve rounded up 12 of my favorite freebies from around the web that make it easy to decorate for the holidays around the house!   1.  Mid-century Modern ornament or paper village houses by Danielle Thompson.

Holiday Printables

2. The Grinch, by The Letter 4.  There’s other options too!

3. Chevron Merry Christmas by Mon Tressor, via Design Dazzle. Continue Reading

Roundup: 25 Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags

created at: 12/17/2012

One of the most impressive final touches to a handmade or well-though gift is a unique and memorable gift tag.  You can’t put time and thought into a present, and then just write the recipient’s name with a sharpie across the wrapping paper!  Here are 25 FREE printable holiday gift tags to put a grand finale on the art of gift-giving.
    1. Typographic gift tags from Eat, Drink, Chic.

2. Hand-drawn gift tags, from Hey, Look. Continue Reading

DIY Modern Nutcracker Christmas Mantle

created at: 12/11/2012

Nutcrackers are one of my favorite Christmas motifs, especially when they are modernized to my taste (like these all-white beauties) and for certain, these Nutcracker silhouettes resting on the fireplace mantle will be added to my to-do list this season.   

Rebecca at The Crafted Sparrow has been saying “no” to requests for nutcrackers in their Christmas decor simply because the colors didn’t go with her design taste.  Still, the request didn’t fall on completely deaf ears, and she came up with her own project to satiate the need for nutcrackers and sophisticated design.  Continue Reading

Roundup: 15 DIY Paper Holiday Decor Projects

Paper Holiday Decor

Papier. Papel. Carta. Papper. Paper.  No matter how you say it, it’s our favorite material for turning out some creative and unique Christmas-time decor with a little folding, cutting, or gluing. Here are 15 ideas to get you started!  

1. Origami Star, from Home by Linn

2. 6-Point Stars, by Kate’s Creative Space

3. Paper Star Wreath, by Sinnenrausch

Paper Holiday Decor

4. Origami Stars for Garlands, by Origami Instructions, via How About Orange

5. Stacked Paper Stars, on Christmas Your Way. Continue Reading

Make This: DIY Elegant Ornament Garland

created at: 12/04/2012

Eye-catching and glamorous, this incredible ornament ball garland was the perfect way for Kate to establish her color theme for Christmas this year.  The best part of the whole thing is how easy the project is to DIY!    created at: 12/04/2012

All Kate needed was ornaments of varying sizes and colors within her sophisticated blue, silver, and green theme, as well as some floral wire to string it all on.  Just hang it from some cup hooks on the ends and in the center, and you have yourself a gorgeous ball ornament garland for your fireplace mantel. Continue Reading

How to: Make a DIY No-Sew Tree Skirt

created at: 11/21/2012

Dressing up our Christmas Tree is one of my favorite times of year.  Everyone gets involved, and after hours of stringing lights just perfectly, sentimental ornaments are pulled carefully from their packaging and placed with precision on the tree (or, as much precision as a 3- and 5-year-old can muster).  The last step for our family is tucking the tree skirt under the tree- and this year we needed something new, like a no-sew Snowflake tree skirt!  Continue Reading

How To: Make Pretty Dough Ornaments

created at: 11/26/2012

I think the first time I made a dough ornament was way back in first grade, at least, and the result was a yellowed, rough, and very… salty piece of handiwork.  Because I haven’t been all too fond of the yellowed and rough look, the salt dough ornaments haven’t made their way into my own home.  After seeing these ornaments, however, I think it is time to give dough ornaments another chance- especially since these do NOT include salt or flour, making them a beautiful creamy white canvas.     Continue Reading

DIY Gift Card Holders

created at: 11/26/2012

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for someone is hard to do, or maybe all they want is money!  Instead of simply putting money or a gift card in an envelope, try making cute little stocking holders instead!   Char of Crap I’ve Made shows how to make mini stockings with a contrasting cuff, and it only requires three seams.  Toss in a little decorative loop, and you can even slip that stocking onto a gift, or hang it on the tree.  Continue Reading

How To: Make A Mini-Tree Advent Calendar

created at: 11/20/2012

You still have a few days to get your advent calendars together for the Holiday season!  Here is one to add to the ideas we rounded up already that doesn’t take too much prep work, and is adorable beyond words to boot.  

Dreamy calligraphy numbers stuck into little mini trees- such a simple idea, but what a fun display!  Each tree is stuck to a paper box containing a daily treat or activity too.

created at: 11/20/2012

This forest of advent goodness can be found on O Happy Day, and even comes with a free printable template for the calligraphy flags.  Continue Reading