How to Make Paper Roses

How to make paper roses | paper flowers tutorial
Photo: Lexy Ward

I  love working with flowers. Fresh or fake, they just make me happier. While not all of us have a green thumb (I am not declaring I do as I am still struggling to keep my plants alive), paper flowers are the easiest way to enjoy some new blooms and keep them around far longer than a few days. And you can learn how to make paper roses in a matter of minutes! Continue Reading

Gift Guide: 14 Unique Gifts for Those Who Have Everything

Christmas gift for those who have everything

From seasoned DIYers, Martha wannabes, lovable geeks, young ones or the young at heart, there’s something for everyone on this gift guide no matter what the budget. What’s better is that these gifts are unique, so they’re perfect for those that have everything, which is just about everybody on my Christmas list these days. Well, it’s not like they have everything. It more like they’re hard to buy for. But be that as it may, we’ll start with DIYers, shall we?       Continue Reading

Free Template Generators for Boxes, Bags and More!

Free box template printables

Handy, free and just in time for the holidays! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite resources for box template generators, our favorite tutorials for making your own gift boxes, PLUS some free printable downloads that we’ve created just for you! That’s a lot of gift-wrap magic!      

Ever been in the middle of wrapping gifts and realized you needed a very specifically-sized box or bag? The internet teeming with free box template generators that will create unique containers based on your measurements. Continue Reading

3 Tutorials That Will Have You Lettering Chalkboards Like a PRO

Chalkboard lettering made easy
Background by Mateusz Liberra / Shutterstock

Okay, show of hands… How many of us have sat down with chalk in hand in front of our new DIY chalkboards, ready to start lettering, only to realize that our chalkboard lettering skills stink? This morning at about 4:30am while I was surfing the webs –because that’s what I do when I wake up waaaay too early and I don’t want to get out of bed and my iPhone is within reach–I spotted a genius tutorial on Indie Craft Parade that shows how to letter like a total pro. Continue Reading

What’s the Best Bottle Cutter on the Market? We Find Out

We review the top five glass bottle cutters to find out which is best.
Photo: DIY Maven

Four years ago, I threw out the question: “What is the best bottle cutter on the market?” A lot of readers weighed in. Some gave recommendations for their favorite glass bottle cutter, others just wanted a definitive answer, which is what I wanted. Finally, FINALLY, we decided to get to the bottom of the bottle cutter question and have a product shoot out between four popular models. Our competition has not been without a little drama, as one of the bottle cutter makers has, apparently, gone out of business since the inception of this review. Continue Reading

25 Best Store-Bought Party Appetizers

When you're hosting an impromptu gathering or last minute holiday party, store bought appetizers and pre-made frozen party snacks can be a life saver. Here's a list of some of our favorites:

Best store bought appetizers

Appetizers are BIG in Sweetie-pie's family. Christmas eve is oftentimes a collection of cheeses, rollups, tiny meatballs, chicken wings and other delectables that you can eat with your fingers or toothpicks. Which is why I LOVE finding and making interesting recipes for appetizers. (BONUS list of party snacks to buy at the bottom of this post!)

However, if you aren't as enthused about apps as I am, or if time is tight, check out these 15 frozen, affordable, store bought appetizers:

15 Frozen Store Bought Appetizers





  1. Trader Joe's Pastry Bites with Feta Cheese and Caramelized Onions
  2. The Fillo Factory Brie and Raspberry Fillo Rolls
  3. SeaPack Jumbo Coconut Shrimp
  4. Whole Foods Tandoori Chicken Samosas
    tandoori chicken samosa frozen appetizer
  5. Allen Brothers Buffalo Chicken Wings
  6. Archer Farms Lobster and Cheese Bites
    lobster cheese bites
  7. Trader Joe's Parmesan Pastry Pups
  8. Crazy Cuizine Mandarin Orange Chicken
  9. Archer Farms Spanakopita

  10. SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls

  11. Tyson Any'tizers Bonless Chicken Wyngz
  12. Whole Foods Pork and Vegetable Potstickers
  13. Archer Farms Crab Rangoon

  14. Golden Spinach and Broccoli Blintzes

  15. Farm Rich Mozzarella Bites

For a little more 'gourmet' then this list of the 10 best store-bought party appetizers. Continue Reading

16 Christmas Stocking Hanging Ideas (that don’t require a fireplace)

Christmas stocking hanging ideas
Source: Coco Kelley

Okay, so you have TONS of tutorials for Christmas stockings that you could tackle between now and Christmas, but you don't have a mantel on which to hang them. Not to worry! Santa doesn't really care where the stockings are hung (he has an uncanny ability to find them wherever they are). What I've heard is that he actually LIKES to find them hanging in less prosaic places. If true, these 10 Christmas stocking hanging ideas will surely please him.        Continue Reading

How To: Make Standing, Folded Paper Christmas Trees

Get this…when I was putting together my recent roundup for folded paper Christmas Tree Christmas cards, I happened across this picture :

Card Carousel []

Because it didn’t include instructions was one of the reasons it didn’t make the roundup. However, I couldn’t get past the clever cut/fold technique. This led to a quick sketch on a scrap piece of paper, which I used to create three templates of varying sizes. I thought they’d be perfect for some ‘standing’ decorations for mantels and such. Continue Reading

Round Up: 6 Ways to Cover Ugly Ceiling Light Fixtures

ceiling light covers that are easy to DIY

We've all seen our fair share of ugly ceiling light fixtures. We've also see our fair share of DIY ceiling light fixture cover ups. Here are six of our favorites ceiling light covers, all of which can be adapted to various styles so they serve as much as how-to's as inspiration for our own creations. Enjoy!

Maegan's Eame's inspired light fixture cover
Photo: Love Maegan

Maegan used a hanging wire planter to make this delightful Eames-inspired ceiling light cover up. Visit Love Maegan to see how to do it yourself. Continue Reading

How to Save Money On Groceries

Want to know how to save money on groceries? We've come up with 20 tips that will help you cut costs when purchasing food.  

How to save money on groceries

20. List it. Instead of listing everything you THINK you need, first plan your meals for the week and then buy the ingredients you’ll ACTUALLY need to make them. By doing so, experts say you just might save up to 41% on your grocery bill.

19. Eat first. This tried and true hint bears repeating, as going to the grocery story hungry is the primary reason we buy on impulse. Continue Reading