5 Blogs To Help You Lead A Minimalist Lifestyle

5 must-read minimalist blogs

Every January, people across the globe make a goal of living a more simple and clutter-free life. We all have our take on being minimalist and how best to achieve it. Here are five minimalist blogs you should be reading to help you on your way!      


The Minimalists – Josh and Ryan write about what it means to really live a better life by freeing yourself from all the possessions and items that make us seem happy on the surface. Continue Reading

How to: Easy & Elegant DIY Wood Veneer Box

Everyone loves to receive gifts, but I like giving them just as much. And by making a  reusable box to place items in, you can make the giving experience that much more beautiful. This wood veneer gift box is easy to make, and your recipient will be able to continue to use it. Or, just whip up several of these for your own personal storage. They look amazing on a desk or shelf, and are a great way to store craft and office supplies!    Continue Reading

Shopping Guide: Cool Gifts For The Woodworking Mom

I thoroughly enjoy woodworking, and I know that I'm not alone. There are tons of women out there that enjoy the craft! Spoil your mother or the lady in your life with one (or all!) of these cool tools! 



Pen cutting tool

1. The coolest pencil out there for marking cut lines! $10 from Amazon.


Bosch jig saw
Home Depot

2.  The Bosch 7 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw is sturdy and can do so much! $160 with carrying case from the Home Depot. Continue Reading

Yes, You Can Have a Great Vacation on a Budget. Here’s How.

Tips for budget travel

Who doesn't love to travel? Even if it's for one overnight stay, a quick vacation is good for the soul. There's a common misconception about the cost of travel and that vacationing is only for the wealthy, but you can have a good time for less! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you plan a smashing vacation on a budget! 



1. Airfare/Transportation – A novice jetsetter might think to quickly just check out sites like Travelocity or Expedia, but you can find better deals on airfare through sites like Cheaptickets.com or CheapOAir.com. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Butterfly Chair Covers You Can DIY

DIY chair covers are a great way to personalize your furniture. Here are some ideas of improving butterfly chairs with homemade covers: 

DIY chair covers 10 Butterfly Chairs That You Can DIY

I recently lucked into purchasing an old butterfly chair for $20. Twenty dollars! I'm currently in the middle of making it over and was scouring the web for inspiration and found a plethora of gorgeous chairs to buy or DIY! I'm going to attempt the latter. Check out the roundup of diy chair covers for your own inspiration below!  Continue Reading

The Art of Craigslist: When to Act Fast, and When to Pass

The Art of Craigslist: When to Act Fast, and When to Pass
Photo: Lexy Ward

Craigslist is one of the best resources for buying and selling used items. Unfortunately it can be overwhelming to sift through thousands of results when you're trying to find something special. Here are some tips to help you become a Craigslist pro! 




The Art of Craigslist: When to Act Fast, and When to Pass

ACT FAST – Craigslist is an excellent spot for used designer goods. You can sometimes find the real thing or a knock off. Use key terms like “MCM” for “Midcentury Modern”, or the name of the designer you are on the lookout for. Continue Reading

Eye Candy: 18 Basement Bedrooms You’d Actually Want Sleep In!

Gone are the days when basements were dark, musty, and sometimes feared. They've become a place where you can turn for comfort and relaxation. You no longer have to have a dark bedroom without any windows. Here are eighteen basement bedroom ideas that got it right. Read on to find rooms that you'll be begging to sleep in.

18 Sleep-worthy Basement Bedroom Ideas


1. This tiled accent wall in the bedroom at top not only adds some visual interest, it helps reflect light back into the room! Continue Reading

40 Mini Living Spaces We’re Crushing On

Tiny living is having a moment. And while I’d love to throw out all my belongings and start fresh, I just don’t see that happening anytime soon. There are so many ways to maximize the style in the home you already have, and whether you’re living in 200 square feet or a 1000, you can still live large in a small space! Check out all the inspiration to be had in any of these 40 spaces!  Continue Reading

Wallpaper Wannabe: Options For Getting That Wallpapered Look In A Rental

As much as I’d love to own a home and change up every little thing I want, our circumstances cause us to rent at the moment. But just because we’re renting, doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style! There are tons of ways to customize a rental and make bigger changes than just switching out decor. Add some color and pattern with temporary wallpaper! I’ve rounded up a few faves that could work with any budget!  Continue Reading

21 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts To Wow Your Loved One

21 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts To Wow Your Loved One
Photo: Oh Happy Day

Not everyone has the time (or patience!) to shop for Valentine’s Day. And while store-bought gifts are 100% a-okay, adding even the smallest personal touch will go a long with the gift recipient. If you find yourself scrambling for a gift on February 13th, don’t sweat it! Try on one of these cool and simple last-minute gift ideas! BONUS: they don’t feel last-minute at all! 



1. You’ll need a card and these printable texty valentines can be printed out right up until it’s time to give the big gift! Continue Reading