The Dollar Store Kitchen – Light Fixture

Remember the light fixture from my dollar store kitchen makeover?

created at: 2010/01/19

Well I’ve finally slung together a tutorial for it and here it is…

First I just want to put a caveat out there. I did this with fairly heatproof materials and there’s no contact at all between light bulb and shade or between shade and any wires. If you even have to wonder “Huh, is this going to burn my house down?” Then it’s probably best to go and get a real light fixture. Continue Reading

The Dollar Store Rental Kitchen Makeover – Again

Once upon a time, way back when, I became enraged with my ugly rental kitchen. Observe the horror:

created at: 2007/02/23

I cursed it, I cried, I shook my fists at it. Then I did what everybody does (surely?), I looked for a solution on the internets.
What I found was Curbly. Inspired by the spirit of Curbly Daring-Do I figured out a solution, and posted pictures of it here..

Three (three!) years have passed. My temporary contact paper solution has withstood all kinds of shenanigans and is, I suspect, INVULNERABLE to anything but Robot Laser Eyes. Continue Reading

Lego Does Frank Lloyd Wright

Lego’s architecture series is perfect for those of us who had trouble giving up the blocks as kids. The collection now includes the Guggenheim in all it’s crazy-shaped glory (it looks particularly sci-fi in Lego).

created at: 2009-07-27

Falling Water is also in the range, (though not available yet) and it has me cooing like a lovestruck pigeon (it’s like a perfect storm of awesome things. Meep.)

created at: 2009-07-27

  Find the Gugg here for $55 shipped.


Pretty Pretty Paperclips!

I like having painty, mod-pogded hands with chipped fingernails and saw wielding calluses, they make me feel all curbly-ish and like I’ve been DOING stuff.  But girly? Not so much. BUT I reckon a pretty paper clip rose ring would make even my paws look dainty. 

created at: 2009-07-07

This slice of gorgeous was whipped up by Kerri of Cute Little Disaster, and all you need to make your own is:

  • six large red paperclips
  • one large green paper clip
  • and a pair of pliers.
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Why Ms. Plastic Bag, You’re Beautiful!

I don’t know if Martha would approve, or even how they would look in the cold light of day. But at night? Pretty magical.

created at: 2009-04-30


created at: 2009-04-30

80 bags o’ light were a temporary art installation outside of the Museo
Del Prado in Madrid. They would prob’ly be super-easy to recreate, even
if you just jammed a few lurking bags over some outdoor bulbs for a temporary change up.

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The Littlest Veggie Gardens

created at: 2009-04-30

What’s better than chomping on food you grew yourself? Not a lot
really. Except maybe chomping on food you grew yourself in a tiny
space, without a garden, as if by MAGIC (like 8th-floor-balcony,
middle-of-the-city Sweet Peppers). TheKitchn has a roundup of the loveliest, tiniest veggie patches for us urbanites looking for
inspiration to play in the dirt. There are links to the best crops for
pots (“crops” squee!) and a how-to on building self watering containers. Continue Reading

6 Alternate Uses for Aluminum Foil

created on: 02/04/09   created on: 02/04/09

or ‘AluminIum’ foil for the Brit contingent. Real Simple has 6 things
to do with foil, and very useful they are too. Though bizarrely, they
haven’t added ‘use whole roll to make suit of armour
when drunk’ or ‘fashion hat to thwart brain-wave stealing aliens’
to the list. But you can:

  • use it to iron dedicates
  • add those cool stripes to grilled food
  • get better TV… They don’t mean that it blocks Everybody Loves Raymond, just that it can clear up your picture quality.
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My Bloody Valentine, Make an Anatomically Correct Bleeding Heart

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a severed bleeding heart. Add a card and
a ring embedded in the left Atrium and you’ve got just about the most
romantic/mind-blowingly-gross Valentine I’ve ever seen.created on: 02/03/09

And you
can make one to traumatise or enrapture your own sweetheart! There are
very detailed instructions and even a video over at I Make Projects
you’ll need:

  • One heart-shaped mold (find one here.) You could use a use a Valentine heart-shaped cake pan for a less restraining order inducing response.
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Sayonara Domino Magazine

Domino Magazine is the latest casualty of the crazy economy (and
arguably the rise of Internet journalism). March’s issue will be the
last on newsstands and WORSE they’ll be
turning the lights out on their awesome and always inspiring website. I’ll be heading over to the ‘site to peruse and grab inspiration
before it’s gone. If you need a quick reminder of what was so awesome about Domino how ’bout:

$1 design finds

created on: 02/01/09

Before and After living rooms

created on: 02/01/09

Outdoor rooms

created on: 02/01/09

Here’s what they have to say about the closure:

It is with very heavy hearts that we say farewell. Continue Reading

2 Ways to Make a Doormat Cooler

created on: 01/30/09

they’re the first thing most folks will see as they step into your
house, and in the winter they are the front line between horrid
mud-melty-snowy boots and the rest of your place. So why aren’t they
more awesome? Well they CAN be…. Martha has not one but TWO
techniques to give a bog-standard mat a little va-va-voom (sure they’re
relatively similar, but still…)

First a technique for adding a door number or lettering,

created on: 01/30/09

You’ll need:

  • a coir doormat
  • masking tape
  • card stock
  • utility knife
  • ruler
  • T pins
  • enamel spray paint
  • house numbers or letters.
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