21 Ways to Make Your Mom The Happiest Mom on Earth

Make Your Mom the Happiest Mom on the Planet

Don’t fret for a moment about what to get your mom for Mother’s Day. The best thing you can do is to spend time with her (no irritation or annoyance allowed), or have a nice, relaxed conversation with her.  No store bought card or pot of flowers will touch her heart as much as your efforts to express your sincere appreciation for her, past and present. To help you get started, here are 21 mostly free ideas to choose from that are guaranteed to make your mom happy.  Continue Reading

7 Cheap and Easy Home Office Improvements

Working from home can be a curse and a blessing. The curse part is that you're at home and home things are always beckoning you away from work, and vice versa. One sure thing is that if you have a room to call your own, you need to make it an attractive and efficient space where you want to spend time. And if you've just blown the budget on a new furnace, don't worry, these tricks cost practically nothing. Continue Reading

How To Fix a Torn Cane Chair

how to fix a cane back chair - cane chair repair tutorial

Secondhand chairs often have a major drawback; torn or missing cane on the seat, back, or both. A cane chair repair job is often the only way to salvage these vintage pieces. The easiest way around the damage is to rip it out and replace it with webbing and upholstery. However, if the look of cane is what you want, it's fairly simple to replace the surface with pre-woven cane, and your cane back chair will be good as new. Continue Reading

Make Your Own Papier Mache Nightstand


Finding the right size side table or nightstand presents a challenge for the small space dweller. Here’s a DIY side table/nightstand project to the rescue. Recycling  cardboard and paper into this functional piece of furniture brings the cost down to practically nothing, not to mention the eco-hip artsy practicality of the whole project.  See how Unqiueutopia constructed the basic form out of cardboard and duct tape, played with papier mache and then painted the hardened table.  Continue Reading

6 Tips to Wean Yourself Off Television

We talk about cleaning up the physical clutter and dirt from our homes, but how about ditching some of the crud that takes up our time and mental space?  Face it, most television is mindless drivel and a huge waste of time. If you can resist the temptation to sit and stare (passive activity), you may be surprised at how much you can get done in a TV-less week. Tips for nudging TV out of your day include

1. Continue Reading

Pop Up Workstation

The only reason I’m the least bit interested in tech gear is because I’m married to a techie pioneer. While he’s all about cutting edge technology, I’m in awe of the innovative accoutrements, i.e., cool accessories.  See how this mild mannered laptop bag turns into a fully functional workstation. The Brothers Trincia (Nick and Beau) came up with the three-in-one laptop bag for cyber  workers who need an instant ‘set-up’ on the go. The OpenAire is a carrying case, work surface and chair, all in one. Continue Reading

1001 Classic Old-Time Household Hints

Cleaning house while dreaming about cleaning up the garden beds. Looking back, it’s likely that I could have done a better job at both last year. To get myself pumped up for a Spring clean and purge, both inside and out, I just ordered 1001 Old-time Household Hints: Timeless Bits of Household Wisdom for Today’s Home and Garden. I’m in desperate need of a fresh approach to my less-than-perfect cleaning techniques. Even though there’s only one postitive review of the book, the title and cover get me excited to move on out of this daggone winter! Continue Reading

31 Things To Do With Lemons

At about 35 cents each, what other natural non-toxic product can remove warts, bleach out pit stains, polish metal, kill germs, sanitize surfaces, lighten freckles, give your hair sun-kissed highlights and much more?

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting ready for some Spring cleaning and you can bet your bottom dollar that an inexpensive bag of non-toxic lemons will win out over high-priced fake lemon scented, harsh household cleaners. Read Gomestics 31 Uses for Lemons and Lemon Juice before you head out to buy cleaning products. Continue Reading

How To Make Beautiful Remnant Fabric

Who can turn down free fabric? In my business it’s not uncommon to be offered discontinued upholstery fabric samples. If you know a little trick, it’s simple to create your own patchwork upholstery fabric yardage.  Thrifted chair, free fabric…

The first challenge is to have a good eye to choose fabric colors that will form an overall unified fabric. Personally, I don’t care for patchwork if it’s just a bunch of different colors  and patterns thrown together. Continue Reading

Nancy’s Total Family Room Overhaul

A self-described design enthusiast, Nancy Marcus Gueret managed to achieve what I would call a Regency style family room  makeover that will knock your socks off. It’s no wonder her friends and family enlist her help with their own decorating dilemmas.  Actually, she’s done a multiple room makeover job that’s as good as any decorator I’ve ever seen.

Before you click over to her blog, MarcusDesign to get inspired, look at her master bedroom transformation.

Visit her to see her full tutorial on the Ikea dressers turned Dorothy Draper Lookalikes.