How To: Stencil the Easy Way

how to stencil the easy way

Adding a pattern to the back of a bookcase or china cabinet is a great way to give it a shot of personality. Linda figured out a great way to do it with ease AND a fear of commitment.  

Instead of painting (or wallpapering, or attaching fabric) directly to the backside of her china cabinet, Linda cut a piece of foam core to the same dimensions and painted her stencil on that.

stenciled foam core background

This way, she can easily remove it when she wants to switch up her color scheme, plus it’s way easier to paint a piece of foam core rather than trying to cram a stencil inside a cabinet and paint that way. Continue Reading

Tips for Selling a Home

created at: 05/30/2012

Ruth and her husband have sold the last 2 homes they’ve owned in less than 15 days. Clearly, they are doing something right! If you’ve got a house on the market, keep reading!

Ruth is a big believer in home staging. With a $1,000 investment in neutralizing and staging their home to attract buyers, they had an offer within days. Meanwhile, a similar home in their neighborhood that was NOT staged, remains on the market months later, even with a $20k price drop. Continue Reading

Roundup: 7 Sites for Free Printable Art

created at: 05/23/2012

Why spend your money on art when you need to save it for framing? Just kidding. (Sorta.) But finding awesome art is really just a click and a Control+P away. Here’s a round up of options for you.

Vintage Botanicals are a lovely way to add texture and history to your art collection. Many times, you can find these guys at the thrift store. Or, you can check out the myriad options at The Graphics Fairy. Continue Reading

DIY Hand Painted Summer Party

created at: 05/21/2012

When the weather is nice, I’ll take any excuse to dine al fresco. Kristen went the extra mile and created a hand-painted dinner party, complete with paint-dipped glasses and ikat plates. 

For the glasses, Kristen chose stemless wine glasses and dipped them in paint to create a petal pattern.

dipped stemless wine glasses

For the ikat plates, she freehanded a loose, diamond ikat pattern. Kristen has mad painting skills, but the open, imperfect look is probably attainable for even non painting pros. Continue Reading

How to: Make DIY Subway Art

created at: 05/21/2012

Becca was inspired by Z Gallerie’s Subway art series, but not impressed with the $250 price tag. She made her own version in a few simple steps.

distressed subway poster

Becca used her word program on her computer to design the list and picked a few fonts that seemed classic and fit the travel vibe. She also decided to used favorite vacation spots for her “stops.” I love this idea!

She had a black and white oversized print made at Staples for $3.40, then used ModPodge to adhere it to a thick canvas. Continue Reading

DIY Chinoiserie Panels

created at: 05/16/2012

Inspired by expensive, hand-painted, framed Chinoiserie wallpaper panels, Elizabeth took matters into her own hands and created her own charming version for under $30.

created at: 05/16/2012

Elizabeth picked up a few rolls of gift wrap with an Asian-inspired print. She cut the pieces to her desired width and matched up the pattern.

grosgrain ribbon panel trim

Then, she trimmed out the edges with black grosgrain ribbon.

I think this is such an inspired idea and Elizabeth accessorized her table beautifully. See all of Elizabeth’s steps for this project on The Little Black Door.

Eye Candy: Typographic Wall Treatments

created at: 05/15/2012

Raise your hand if you’re a type nerd? Yep, that’s what I thought. There’s something about seeing beautifully designed words that truly makes them art! Here are 13 amazing examples.

created at: 05/15/2012

The work of chalk artist Dana Tanamachi is so charming. Think she can come write out my grocery list?

created at: 05/15/2012

This art installation in The Other Bookstore in Malaysia may be the most original in-store signage I’ve ever seen. 

NY Times succulent logo

The typeface of The New York Times logo is a work of art in itself, but it’s especially lovely in fall succulents. Continue Reading

Make It: Mother’s Day Pancakes

created at: 05/09/2012

Mother’s Day is Sunday! You didn’t forget, did you? Well, there’s nothing that an awesome batch of pancakes can’t fix. Read on for dozens of recipes from Bed and Breakfasts across the country.

BBonline has curated recipes from Inns everywhere. So if it’s too late to book a stay or get a babysitter, you can recreate the B&B experience yourself. And if you are Mom, there’s a handy “send” button to your left.

banana pancakes

Taylor, if you’re reading this, I’d like banana ones. Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Adding Molding to Windows

 created at: 05/09/2012

(Ignore the Christmas tree.) This dining room was perfectly lovely, but Kari Ann spent $22 on a simple project and took the entire room to new heights.


created at: 05/09/2012

Isn’t it an amazing difference?! 

Kari Ann and her husband had 8″ pieces of plywood cut and placed them over the windows. Then they added standard crown molding to the top of the plywood.

decorative window molding

They caulked and covered the gaps with picture frame molding. 

I am now sizing up every window in my own home. Continue Reading

How To: Curate a Gallery Wall

created at: 05/08/2012

So you wanna hang a gallery wall. You’re not alone! They are an awesome way to fill up a big space with art and photos you love. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when planning yours.

First? Because gallery walls are busy by nature, it’s good to have a unifying element. For instance, black frames with white mats. Or assorted frames with black and white photos. This gallery featured in Southern Living is unified by the coral color scheme. Continue Reading