10 Supremely Sippable Cold Brew Coffee Recipes to Try This Summer

Iced Cold Brew Coffee

Regardless of what the calendar says, one of the ways that I know it's really summer is that I switch from drinking hot coffee to refreshing cold brew. But if you start to get bored of the same old coffee every day, it might be time to spice things up with one of these cold brew coffee variations. I bet you definitely haven't tried all of these unusual flavor combos.              

 If you've never made your own cold brew concentrate, don't be intimidated, because it could hardly be easier. You really don't need anything other than a French press, a Chemex, or even just cheesecloth and a strainer. Store-bought cold brew systems are totally unnecessary–save the complexity for the interesting flavor combinations you brew up. All you need to do is combine coarsely-ground coffee beans with water in a 1:4 ratio (by weight), steep for 12 hours at room temperature, then strain. The result will be a smooth coffee concentrate, low in bitterness and acidity, and perfect for the following recipes. Drink up!


1. Cinnamon Mocha Cold Brew – You can't go too wrong with the addition of chocolate and cinnamon to your coffee. 


2. Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee –  This one sounds rich and delicious. 


3. Long Island Iced Coffee Cocktail – Maybe don't drink this one first thing in the morning, unless you really need that hair of the dog. 


Coffee Tonic
Source: Wellnesting

4. Coffee Tonic – Cold brew coffee plus tonic water sounds just crazy enough to work. 


5. New Orleans Cold Brew – Chicory in coffee is a New Orleans tradition.


6. Boba Cold Brew – Tapioca balls at the bottom of your iced coffee are a fun addition. 


Mint cold brew iced coffee
Source:  Epicurious

7. Mint Coffee – You can easily substitute other herbs for the mint. Try rosemary, basil, thyme, or whatever else you dream up. 


Iced Coffee Lemonade
Source: Sprudge

8. Iced Coffee Lemonade – Sounds like an unlikely combo, but the recipe author swears it's addictively good. 


9. Cold Brew Mocha Frappe – A much more standard flavor profile than some of the others here, but it sounds perfect for those hot days coming up. 


10. Blended Coconut Guillermo Iced Coffee – Coconut, lime, and coffee sounds pretty out there, but I'd try it, would you?


Sick of the same old coffee? Try one of these exciting cold brew coffee variations.
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