A Shiplap Accent Wall Totally Transformed This Ugly Basement Room

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Hey everyone! If you were following along closely with the Curbly House makeover, you might have noticed a room missing from last week's full reveal: the basement! This room was pretty grody (is that a word?) when we bought the house, so when The Home Depot asked us to do a room makeover using their shiplap appearance board product, we knew it would have a big impact in the space. But even we weren't prepared for how much better the room turned out. Click over to Home Depot to read the full tutorial on creating your own shiplap accent wall, and scroll down to see more photos of the finished room … 

How to Create a Shiplap Accent Wall

There are lots of reasons to use shiplap siding, and oftentimes, the primary one is to cover up a surface that's in bad shape. But that wasn't the case for us; the existing wall was fine, we just wanted to give the room an accent … something to make it feel a little more special. 


Installing shiplap siding is fairly easy, and requires just a few simple tools. For most rooms, this is a one-day project (it gets a little more complicated if you have lots of weird angles or features to trim around). Get the step-by-step instructions on how I updated this basement room wall with shiplap over at The Home Depot blog

Check out the finished room

Here's that before photo again, for reference:

And after: 

Wondering how we got such a big couch into a cramped basement? It's from Burrow, and it ships in compact boxes and assembles in under 10 minutes using no tools.


What do you think? Now that's a basement you'd actually want to hang out in (apologies to whoever painted everything red there before!). For full details and more reveal pics, head over to The Home Depot blog.


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