DIY This: How To Make Super Sweet Ice Cream Patches

DIY custom patches with a sweet twist - they're all about ice cream!

I scream, you scream, what’s the deal with all this screaming? July is National Ice Cream month, which is just perfect because the temperatures keep rising. A hot day is the perfect excuse for an icy scoop or two. To celebrate my love for all things tasty and sweet, I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve. Or rather, I’m wearing it on my denim vest. Here are three ways to create custom patches, all of which are ice cream themed.  



Watch the video to see these custom patches come to life, and keep reading for the full scoop (make that a double scoop!). 


What you'll need to make custom patches three ways


  • Black denim fabric
  • Acrylic paints and paint brush
  • An embroidery hoop and needle
  • Embroidery thread
  • Yarn
  • Water-soluble marking pencil
  • Tacky or white glue
  • Scissors

Ice Cream Patch #1

How to create the embroidered patch look with paint

To start, place a swatch of denim in between the rounds of the embroidery hoop, and tighten. Make sure the fabric is taut and smooth.

How to create the embroidered patch look with paint

With a water-soluble pencil, sketch the outline of your patch idea. You can search the web for easy-to-draw ice cream images, or wing it. This popsicle is simple enough that I sketched it directly onto the fabric.DIY flair: How to create custom patches

Next, take acrylic paint and fill in the design. To get this ombré look, blend shades of paint from dark to light directly on the design. For more jazz, I painted the popsicle stick with metallic paint. You will need to apply two layers of paint for total coverage. Let the layers dry between applications.

Popsicles Patch: Use paint to mimic the look of embroidered patches

Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut out the design, leaving an outline of fabric. Done!

To prevent the patch from fraying, skip to the end of patch #3’s tutorial for more information.

Ice Cream Patch #2

How to embroider your own patches

How to embroider custom patches

This next sweet treat on our list of custom patches is essentially the same as the first, but with a bit of top-stitching. Stretch a swatch of denim over the embroidery hoop, sketch your design, and fill in with acrylic paint. When choosing your paint colors, coordinate with the embroidery floss. Just as with the previous patch, apply two layers of paint.

How to embroider custom patches

How to embroider custom patches

After the paint has dried, thread an embroidery needle with thread, and tie a knot at one end. Stitch from the back to the front, leaving the knot hidden on the back of the fabric. 

Now stitch away! Since the paint already defines the shape of the patch, stitch as little or as much as you want. I chose to fill the top with mint-colored stitches, but then use less thread for the pink and yellow. Tie off in the back.

Ice cream art: Embroidered patches with paint!

When you’re happy with your stitches, cut out the patch, leaving an outline. 

To prevent the patch from fraying, skip to the end of patch #3’s tutorial for more information.

Ice Cream Patch #3

How to make this ice cream patch on a sugar cone!

This last custom patch follows the same method as before, except for only needing one coat of paint. Let the paint dry completely.

Create custom patches from fuzzy strands of yarnRather than stitching with embroidery thread, this patch gets its fuzzy look from yarn. Cut a section of yarn, then divide it into the smallest sections possible. My yarn was comprised of four sections, so I divided it in half, then in halves again.

Create a custom patch from fuzzy strands of yarn

Thread an embroidery needle with a section of yarn. Stitch from the back, being careful not to pull the yarn completely through the fabric. Stitch through the front, but do not pull the yarn completely taut. Leave a tuft of yarn sticking out of the front. 

Stitch in this manner until the patch is completely filled with stitches.  

How to make this custom fuzzy patch

How to make ice cream patches

Like before, cut the patch out of the fabric. 

To seal the edges of your patches and prevent them from fraying, apply a thin layer of tacky glue along the edges of the fabric. Let dry completely, and your patches are ready to be worn.

How to make custom patches three ways

Create patches like this sweet and fuzzy ice cream cone

Learn how to make your own custom ice cream patches

Learn how to make your own custom ice cream patches

Make a sweet patch

How to make custom patches - and ours are all about ice cream!
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It took a lot of effort to not make every single one of these patches mint green, because mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream flavor. What’s yours?


Now that you’ve crafted up some custom patches, try your hand at some more flair by making “enamel” pins!

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