Simple, Minimal Felt Placemats You Can DIY

DIY These: Simple Felt Placemats

Around the middle of September every year, my interest in food (and eating said food) spikes by like 110%. I start saving new recipes on my phone, researching different restaurants, and expanding my shopping horizons at the grocery store. I imagine it relates to some ancient hardwiring in my body as winter approaches – at least that’s what I’m tell myself as I’m stuffing my face. I’m already thinking about the hot meals I’m going to be preparing in the cold of winter, and wanted some simple felt placemats to pair those meals with.       


I’m not trying to get ahead of myself, but I was definitely thinking about Thanksgiving as I made these. This year I made a small dining table to fit in my small apartment, and I’m excited to decorate this mini space for the upcoming holidays. While my table is tiny, these felt placemats are made to average proportions. 


What you need to make felt placemats


  • Felt 
  • Vinyl fabric
  • Sewing machine, notions, and matching thread
  • Masking tape


DIY Felt Placemats | Step 1

For each placemat, cut two pieces of felt and one piece of vinyl. The felt pieces are 18 x 12 inches, and the vinyl is 12 x 5 inches.


DIY Felt Placemats | Step 2

Pin the fabrics together, with both pieces of felt on top of each other, and the vinyl to one side. Using a sharp pair of scissors, round all four edges. 


DIY Felt Placemats | Step 3

Remove the piece of vinyl, and with the two pieces of felt still pinned together, sew around the entirety of the felt with a straight stitch.


DIY Felt Placemats | Step 4

Instead of re-pinning the vinyl, tape it in place with masking tape. Vinyl is sticky and difficult to sew, and the tape allows the fabric to slide more easily under the foot of the sewing machine. Stitch just along the tape (not over it) on all sides of the vinyl. Remove the tape. If you accidentally sew into the masking tape, a pair of tweezers may come in handy for plucking any remaining bits of adhesive. 

Don’t forget to make a few of these simple felt placemats for when you have dinner guests!

DIY These: Simple Felt Placemats

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I love the extra texture that these felt placemats give to a simple tabletop. Plus felt is such a cozy materials – it’s hard not to love it. 


If you don’t have time to sew felt placemats, we have some holiday-themed ones you can simply print!

Printable placemats for the holidays