Make This: Recipe Card Book (with Free Printable!)

Free Printable Recipe Cards + How to turn them into a key ring booklet

While I don’t consider myself much of a chef, I do have a few tried and true recipes that I need to hold on to. Previously, I was using the scraps-of-scribbed-paper-stuffed-in-a-cookbook method of organization (most of these scraps of paper were covered in various unidentifiable spills too – yikes!). Now, though, using these free printable recipe cards has definitely simplified life in the kitchen for me. All my recipes are in one place, the key ring makes them easy to rearrange and organize, and the plastic sleeves protect them from my clumsiness.       


I’ve made these free printable recipe cards available to you via the link below – keep reading to see how to turn them into a spill-proof mini cookbook.



What you'll need to make this mini cookbook


Free Printable Recipe Cards

Click here to download the free printable recipe cards. When printing, set the printer’s preferences to “US Letter – No Border,” and print at 100%. Print a few pages on the cardstock, and cut out the recipe cards with scissors or a paper trimmer.


Free printable recipe cards in protective plastic sleeves

Place each recipe card inside a vinyl sleeve, with the cards sitting flush at the bottom of each pocket. The recipe cards will be slightly shorter than the height of the sleeve.

Free printable recipe cards get organized in this mini spill-proof booklet

At each corner, punch a single hole. Then trim the excess vinyl at the top of each sleeve.


How to make a key ring recipe card holder, plus free printable recipe cards

Slide the cards onto the screwball key ring, and you’re in business! Since they all sit on a key ring, you can rearrange them, swap them out, or add more recipe cards as you need to.

How to make a key ring recipe card holder, plus free printable recipe cards

Free printable recipe cards, plus some key ring organization

How to make a key ring recipe card holder, plus free printable recipe cards
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There’s nothing like being in an organized kitchen, and having your recipes all in one tidy spot is a fantastic way to start. Also, this would make a sweet gift to give to a friend or co-worker who loves being in the kitchen!


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