Better Together: A Bold Vinyl Wall Decal and How to Apply It

Better Together Vinyl Wall Decal Application
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Earlier this week we shared some exciting news. We transformed our studio space into a bona fide retail shop! It's been a massive transformation, full of DIYs and clever hacks.

One of my favorite pieces was creating an accent wall featuring our favorite mantra: Better Together. This phrase has been a part of Niche since its inception, and we wanted to work it into the space in a meaningful way. Since we're leasing the space, we decided that a vinyl decal would be the best solution for this feature wall. 

We wanted the decal to be large-scale and bold, and hanging it was a mildly harrowing experience. Read on to discover the tricks up our sleeve.


Our vinyl decal reads: Better Together. It's a phrase that's been at the heart of the work we do since the very beginning. We believe that women are best when they work collaboratively, support one another, and cheer loudest for one another. It's also a nod to our partnership, a great gift we discovered as we built a company together over the past few years. 

Better Together Sign Application

Although the phrase is powerful, we wanted the decal to have a low profile feel. We wanted the graphic to be large, yet light (so that it didn't detract from the merchandising of the wall). In the world of vinyl graphics, light = thinner lines. This meant we had to be meticulous with the placement of the decal so that it didn't become warped or crooked as we applied it to the wall. 

We used a new 100-ft chalk line from Milwaukee and a healthy dose of teamwork to apply our decal to the wall, and it worked like a charm.

Milwaukee Chalk Line
Milwaukee 100 ft. Extra Bold Large Capacity Chalk Reel

The chalk line was easy to apply, and such a lifesaver because it created a solid straight line that we could reference as we guided the decal onto the wall. We had great success with this method. Due to the scale of the decal, two sets of hands made all the difference, because one of us minded the line, while the other smoothed the decal onto the wall with the plastic rake.

The new 100 ft. Extra Bold Large Capacity Chalk Reel has a planetary gear system providing longer gear life and smoother operation. It features a fast retraction ratio of 4:1, and the chalk string marks with an extra bold line

Applying a Vinyl Decal with a Chalk Line

The result is gorgeous, and quietly powerful. We had our grand opening party last week, and it was thrilling to see so many women gather under the banner of our mantra. We hope this saying inspires everyone who sets eyes on it to get swept up in the writing on the wall. 

Better Together Decal


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