How to Throw the Sweetest Cookie Decorating Party

Tips on hosting a memorable cookie decorating party!

I love the holidays, because there is a never-ending list of activities you can do to celebrate. You can watch movies, decorate a tree, go caroling (tangent question: does anyone actually carol anymore?), wrap gifts, and bake cookies. Most holiday activities are done in groups, too, so they always have the potential to turn into sweet memories with the people you care about. If you’re planning on having a holiday party, why not make it a cookie decorating party? Here are some tips to help you create a holly, jolly, fun time for all.       


Holiday Party Idea | Throw a cookie decorating extravaganza | Step 1: Prep doughs ahead of time

1. Prep doughs ahead of time

There’s no reason not to prepare a few cookie doughs a day or two before. Refrigerated dough is going to be easier to work with, anyway! Make a few good-to-decorate doughs, wrap up tightly, and keep them chilled until the day of your party. If you’re looking for recipes, here are some of my favorites:

Holiday Party Idea | Throw a cookie decorating extravaganza | Step 2: Let Guests Know it's BYOCS (Bring-Your-Own-Cookie-Sheet!)

2. Let guests know the party is B.Y.O.C.S. (Bring-Your-Own-Cookie-Sheet)

Unless you’re a professional baker or Martha Stewart, you probably won’t have enough tools to go around. Make sure your guests know to bring their own. If you’re really close with your party-goers, you could give each one a shopping list, too. Have folks bring sprinkles, extra cookie cutters, icing bags, etc. 

Holiday Party Idea | Throw a cookie decorating extravaganza | Step 3: Prep savory snacks, too

3. Prep snacks (other than cookies) to eat

Bottom line: Everyone wants to eat the cookie dough, but no one should eat the cookie dough. Balance the overabundance of saccharin with some savory treats. Here are some not-so-sweet treats to try:

You’re going to need some beverages, too! Keep a pot of cider simmering on the stove, heat up some hot cocoa, or try something a little stronger. Most importantly, don’t forget to stock the fridge with milk!

How to throw a memorable cookie decorating party

Tips on throwing a great holiday cookie decorating party

Make memories that last: How to throw a sweet cookie decorating party

Holiday Party Idea | Throw a cookie decorating extravaganza | Step 4: Gotta have movies and music!

4. Have a stockpile of holiday playlists and Christmas movies

Nothing sets the holiday mood quite like the tender croonings of Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. Or maybe it’s the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas that gets you feeling holly and jolly. Either way, set the tone of your holiday party with festive background noise. 

Looking for cookie decorating tunes, but not sure what you’re in the mood for? Check out these three Christmas playlists featuring a variety of jams.

Holiday Party Idea | Throw a cookie decorating extravaganza | Step 5: Make icings ahead of time

5. Make and tint icings ahead of time (or go store-bought)

This is just another way to save time. Basically – aside from actually decorating the actual cookies themselves – do what you can ahead of time! Additionally, don’t forget to stock up on icing bags and toothpicks. You can also purchase pre-made cookie icing, which comes in an easy-to-dispense bottle.

Holiday Party Idea | Throw a cookie decorating extravaganza | Step 6: Make sure you have to-go containers

6. Be prepared with to-go containers

All those cookies have to go somewhere at the end of the night (other than your bellies). Buy a pack of boxes, or a box of bags, or remind guests to come prepared with their own Tupperware containers. 

7. Have fun!

Since you’ll be hosting the party, balance running the operation with relaxing with guests. Sit down to decorate a few cookies, let messy spills lie for a while, and sip on some eggnog. Happy holidays!

Happy holidays! Here are our tips for throwing an excellent holiday party filled with cookies!
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