Ho-Ho-Holiday Wallpapers for Phone, Desktop, and iPhone Case!

Christmas iPhone printable

When it comes to the holiday season, I like to start small. I’ll start by introducing Christmas socks into my wardrobe, playing Sufjan Stevens’ holiday records on Pandora, and I usually change the wallpaper on my smartphone. This year, I’m sharing a festive design in a few color schemes, depending on your holiday preference! You can download them as a wallpaper for your phone or desktop, or, keep reading to find out how to print and use as a festive iPhone case.             


iPhone case printable for ChristmasI’ve made these holiday iPhone case designs in three sizes, depending on the type of phone you have (they only work with iPhones – sorry!). The models of the phones are listed below next to the corresponding size. Click on one of the sizes below to print the design, and keep reading to see how to incorporate the printables with a smartphone case.

iPhone Case Templates:


Materials needed for Printable iPhone Case


  • iPhone Case Printable template (see above)
  • Clear smartphone case (I ordered mine from Amazon)
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting board

How to print, cut, and assemble

Start by printing out the template that corresponds with the size of your phone (I recommend printing on cardstock if you can). Cut out the designs, then use a craft knife to cut the opening for the rear-facing camera. Pop the design into a clear smartphone case, and you’re ready to ho-ho-go! 

iPhone wallpapers for the holidays

I’m also offering these designs as wallpapers for your phone or desktop. To use, simply click the link below for the graphic you want, save the image, and set as your background or wallpaper.   

Smartphone Wallpapers:

Desktop Wallpapers:

iPhone wallpaper for Christmas

Holiday wallpaper for phone and desktop
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