How To Be an Adult and Learn to Actually Fold a Fitted Sheet

how to fold a fitted sheet

There are points in my life where I stop and say to myself, Now I feel like a real adult. Like when I bought my first car, or when I took that car for its first oil change. Or when I opened a savings account, or purchased my first washer and dryer. Or like when I learned how to fold a fitted sheet properly.


I had no idea this was a thing until my mother casually mentioned the possibility to me. She just threw this tidbit into conversation as though it would not blow my mind that one could actually fold a fitted sheet in a way that didn't leave it looking like a forgotten socks in a washing machine. I don't even remember what was being said in our initial conversation, because I immediately made my mom stop mid-sentence to elaborate on what was surely the impossible.  I didn't even know I could ask myself how to fold a fitted sheet. The notion just didn't exist before! Once out of the packaging, the sheet lives the rest of its life as a crumpled ball, right? 

Once you learn how to fold a fitted sheet, the process gets pretty easy to do, and it becomes second nature. Follow the steps in the video below!



Get ready, because once you learn how to fold a fitted sheet, your linen closets will never be the same. Plus it makes for a great party trick – if you're ever at a party where laundry-folding is involved…

Learn the right way to fold a fitted sheet - no more balling it up and throwing it in the back of the closet!

A folded fitted sheet - it can be done!
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After learning how to finally wrangle a fitted sheet into a recognizable shape, I feel like I can pretty much do anything. Watch out, world – I'm great at laundry origami, and I'm comin' for ya!

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