Welcome the New Year with Good Vibes | DIY Motivational Banner for 2019

2019 felt banner

Hold onto your hats, because it’s almost 2019! Even though the passing of another year signals that we’re all getting a little bit older (*groan*), I very much enjoy celebrating New Years. It’s an excuse to start fresh, a good reason to celebrate the future, and a time to reflect on all the awesome things that happened in 2018. To ring in the new year, I made a cute little banner to hang in my home. It took no time at all to make, and the cost was almost nothing, since it’s made mostly from inexpensive felt. Make one to bring good vibes in 2019, or to hang up at your New Year’s Eve party!          



Materials needed for 2019 new year banner




Step 1 | "What a Dream 2019" banner

To begin, you’ll need to print out the template for the lettering. Cut out the letters and numbers along the black lines.

With the white felt laying face down, trace all the letters and numbers backwards onto the paper-side of the felt. Since you’re drawing on the paper that’s protecting the adhesive, it doesn’t matter if you’re messy with your tracing – you’ll be removing the paper backing anyway!

Hint: If you find that your template is sliding around too much as you’re tracing it, use a small piece of double-sided tape to hold it in place.


Step 2 | 2019 Banner

Cut out the traced shapes from the felt. To cut out the areas that are closed off (like the inside of the number zero), fold the felt shape in half and cut a small slit along the fold. This will give your scissors an opening from which to cut.

Step 2 | New Years Banner


Step 3 | Felt banner for the new year

Prep your black felt by cutting the bottom into a banner shape. It’s easiest if you fold your felt in half length-wise and cut both corners off at the same time – this way they’re both the same size.

Step 3 | Felt banner for the new year

If your dowel rod is not cut to size, now is the time to cut it! A handsaw is the easiest way to trim it down.

Fold the top of the felt over the dowel, and use hot glue to adhere the flap down. 

Tie twine from each end of the dowel rod. I find it’s easiest to tie two slipknots, one at either end, then to slip those over the ends of the dowel and tighten. But a simple double-knot will work, too. 


Step 4 | Felt banner for 2019

All that’s left to do is remove the paper backing from the lettering, and stick in place! Plan out where you’ll put the felt shapes before you stick them down. Fortunately, this sticky-back felt is pretty forgiving, and you can adjust and reposition if you need to. 

"What a Dream, 2019!" felt banner

2019 felt banner 

DIY felt banner for the new year 

2019 felt banner
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And that’s it! A simple but cute banner to motivate you in 2019. Happy new year, Curbly readers. Cheers!