The Secret that Will Take Your Parties to the Next Level

Pineapples and party supplies

Parties are a celebration, and by default, they’re supposed to be fun. You can’t force your guests to enjoy themselves, so what do you do to make sure your get-together is a success? You’ll never throw a boring party again with this little secret. Are you ready?       

Give your guests something to do.

Yep! That’s it. And I’m not talking about party games (although those are fun too). The secret sauce to a guaranteed unforgettable party is an interactive element. A task that let’s party-goers stretch their creative muscles and loosens them up. When you give your guests something unexpected and silly to do, it immediately breaks the ice and creates more conversation and fun.

So put away the same old bowl of charades words, here are a few ideas for your next shindig.

Pizza making party
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1. Make Your Own Pizza Party

You supply the dough and the toppings, and let your guests do the rest! Not only does it take some of the food prep off of your to-do list, but it allows everyone to chat and mingle while they create their culinary masterpieces. This works for all sorts of other foods as well: build your own tacos, make your own s’mores, a cake decorating party…you get it.


Dear Diary Party
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2. Dear Diary Party

This one is sure to be embarrassing yet hilarious. Bring a diary, old essay, or poetry from your younger days – preferably junior high for optimal ridiculousness. Go around the room and read it aloud. Believe me, you’ll all be laughing so hard you’ll barely be able to get through your readings. And everyone will find comfort in knowing you all were awkward in those days.


Painting party
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3. Wine and Paint Party

Pick up some blank canvases and paint supplies at a craft store and invite everyone over for a paint and wine party. The drinks will ensure no one takes it too seriously, and the painting activity gives everyone something to do while they chat. No artistic talent required!


Coloring party
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4. Coloring Party

In case you haven’t heard, coloring is not just for kids anymore! This is similar to the painting party, but even easier to host. Grab some adult coloring books, or find coloring pages online to print yourself. Coloring is relaxing and not as intimidating as painting.


Thrift store dress up party
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5. Thrift Store Dress Up Party

Before the party, meet everyone at the thrift store. Each guest or couple gets a small amount of cash, $10 to $20. Then tell everyone they have 20 minutes to pick out an outfit, and they have to wear it to the party! At the party afterwards you can hold a contest for who found the best ensemble.


Never throw a boring party again with this party-planning secret
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