You’ll Want to Check Out these Free Printable Valetines Featuring Badass Women

Printable Valentines featuring strong women throughout history

Hello, and happy Valentine’s Day! Okay, it’s not quite the big day yet, but February 14th is just days away, and I’m totally ready to celebrate. Ever since the Christmas holiday ended, I’ve been itching for an excuse to decorate, party, craft – whatever! I wanted to make some cards featuring some of my favorite gals throughout history (some are good, some are bad!), and the captions kind of wrote themselves after that. Click through for these printable valentines!        


Here's what you'll need for these printable valentines



Important Women in History Valentines: Step 1

Print both pages of the printable valentines in full color. Cut each of the printable valentines apart using a craft knife and a ruler (a metal ruler works best) on a surface you can cut into (like a cutting board or a piece of cardboard). Line the ruler up with the edge of the valentine, and press down firmly on the ruler so it doesn’t move. Use the ruler as a guide for the blade, and cut along the ruler. 

If you have a paper cutter, you can cut apart your printable valentines using that tool instead!


Important Women in History Valentines: Step 2

Fold each card in half. To insure you get a nice, crisp fold, lay the halfway point of each card along the hard edge of your ruler. Fold the card over the edge of the ruler, creasing it from the back.


Important Women in History Valentines: Step 3

Add a bit of glue along the back of each printable valentine, and fold the card shut. Done! 

Important women of history printable valentines

"I lose my head over you!" - Marie Antoinette | Print these valentines!

Joan knows how to celebrate Valentine's Day | Print these Women of History Valentines

Badass Ladies of History Printable Valentines
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I think my favorite gal in this bunch is Amelia Earhart. I was torn between having her caption read, “You make my heart soar,” and the much, much darker, “I want to get lost with you.” Oh, Amelia. You were a legend. 

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