sQuba: The First Underwater Car.

“More than 30 years since Roger Moore's 007 put the idea into every guy's head, someone has finally replicated the underwater auto experience. Swiss design company Rinspeed has created the sQuba ($1.4 million), the world's first submersible car. Based on the Lotus Elise (it was a Lotus Esprit in The Spy Who Loved Me), the all-electric convertible can drive you to the lake in style and then dive underwater to a depth of over 30 feet. Continue Reading

Fake Books for Fake Readers

The Original Book Works produces fake, excuse me, “faux”, books to make you seem well-read. Of course there are other reasons for putting fake, I mean, “faux”, “authentic resin reproductions of real leather books” in your library. You may want to cover a door with them, creating a Double-Oh-Seven escape route to your Aston Martin parked out back. Or maybe you just want the look of a library without the tedious job of accumulating books, not to mention actually READING them. Continue Reading