Before & After: A 1970s Perspective

created at: 03/21/2011

Trends are a curious thing, so when I ran across this set of images from the book Good Decorating and Home Improvement, I couldn’t help but laugh.  We’re in a phase again where all things Mid-Century are cool (no complaints here), but it’s clear that wasn’t the case when this book was published!  

created at: 03/21/2011

Quite the after, eh?  Nothing a little lucite and glass can’t handle!  Do you think the 70s aesthetic will re-emerge as a design trend anytime soon (or with as much force as the current 50s trend)?  Continue Reading

1950’s Kitchen Tour

Syliva takes us on a pictorial tour of her 1950’s kitchen. A REAL kitchen that has some trouble spots, but that’s what gives it its authenticity. Not to mention the honest to goodness vintage appliances. So cute and homey!


You can take the entire tour over at Hungry Texan. (Getting a better peek of Sylvia’s ‘relic’ of a fridge is worth the price of admission.)


Inspiring Archives: House and Garden Magazines from 1959-1964

Amy Shutt from Day-Lab DIY shares her recent find: mid-century issues of House and Garden Magazine.

“[I pick up] older issues when I come across them at an affordable price and in reading condition:

This particular group contains magazines from 1959 through 1965. And even though I have only had time to flip through them and just scan articles…I am already in love.

Articles can be found on:

-Amazing design and architecture, (house and landscape):

-Subjects that are currently popular once again, like mixing styles, eclectic decor etc.: Continue Reading