Vintage Eye Candy: 70s Interiors That’ll Make You Say, “Groovy, Baby!”

1970s interior design
Photo: Unknown

The distinct colors, shapes, and textures of the 1970s give interiors from that era a unique energy. Currently, the decade's distinct vibe is coming back, and influencing current trends in a big way. Yes, 70s style might be considered over-the-top now, but comb through examples from that era and you will find pieces and inspiration that will bring new liveliness to your space all while fitting in to your current decor. Keep scrolling for some rad eye candy!            Continue Reading

Shopping Guide: 10 Textiles To Indulge Your Modern ’70s Side

Shopping Guide: 10 Textiles To Indulge Your Modern '70s Side | By Curbly #vintage #textiles #decor
Photo: Anthropologie

This just in… the '70s are back! Okay not exactly, but we've noticed a major trend lately – modern '70s style textiles are popping up all over the blogosphere. Think vintage but with a modern twist. We're loving this boho chic look, so today we're sharing ten of our favorite picks.   


Shopping Guide: 10 Textiles To Indulge Your Modern '70s Side | By Curbly #vintage #textiles #decor

1. Woven Janet Throw Blanket

This cozy looking blanket has all the fantastic '70s-style fringe you could ever want, with a slightly modernized color scheme. Continue Reading

Before & After: A 1970s Perspective

created at: 03/21/2011

Trends are a curious thing, so when I ran across this set of images from the book Good Decorating and Home Improvement, I couldn’t help but laugh.  We’re in a phase again where all things Mid-Century are cool (no complaints here), but it’s clear that wasn’t the case when this book was published!  

created at: 03/21/2011

Quite the after, eh?  Nothing a little lucite and glass can’t handle!  Do you think the 70s aesthetic will re-emerge as a design trend anytime soon (or with as much force as the current 50s trend)?  Continue Reading