Considering a Home Rehab? Ask These Seven Questions First

This is a guest post from Curbly House partner and real estate investor, Jon Peterson.

If you’re following along with our Curbly House project, you know we’ve just embarked on a pretty ambitious home rehab project. We spent months searching for the right property, and now it’s time for the fun stuff to begin (demo, construction, staging). 

Have you ever considered taking on a similar project? It can be a very rewarding experience; you get to take a home that’s in poor shape (often vacant), and add value through thoughtful improvements. Continue Reading

Destruction! (Just a Little) – Curbly House Week One

Well, folks, it's official! Jon* and I signed the closing papers last week, and we are now the proud owners of the new Curbly House! Now all we have to do is put in a new kitchen, renovate the bathrooms, add a new back door, replace the HVAC, finish the basement, improve the landscaping, and figure out how to get a parking space into the back yard! No biggie.

*Reminder: Jon's my partner on this project; he's a real estate investor with knack for DIY projects and a love of old houses in need of TLC.
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Classic-Modern Elegance: Design Inspiration for the Curbly House

Design Inspiration for the Curbly House 2017

Earlier this week we told you all about our new Curbly House makeover. A house we're so excited to take on, get to know, make beautiful, and then put on the market again (furnished and polished and perfect).  

More than just a flip

While this project is, by definition, a flip, I view it as a lot more than that. When we're finished with it, I want it to have a cohesive design and a story. Continue Reading

Say Hello to the 2017 Curbly House

2017 Curbly House

Y'know, it's weird. For the better part of a decade, Alicia and I have made a living by (I hope) making spaces beautiful. But we've never really embraced that as our job. We've always viewed as “we run a blog, and we get to do room makeovers sometimes, too.” This year, we're embarking on a totally different project: a complete home remodel of a property that we don't plan on living in.

See, earlier this year I got to thinking, there are only so many spaces in our own home that we can work on. Continue Reading