Almost Every Delicious Way to serve Corn on the Cob


It’s a well-known fact that there is nothing more delicious than Indiana sweet corn in the summertime. Then you start doctoring it up and, well, you’re in heaven. Another fact is that once you get started, corn on the cob simply becomes the vehicle for sucking up tastily seasoned butters. Maybe a seasoned butter bar is all that’s needed at a barbecue and guests can slather up to their hearts’ content. (The key word being heart.) Continue Reading

DIY 4th of July Corn on the Cob Holders


Honestly, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to show you how to make your own Fimo clay corn on the cob holders. You’ll need to hustle on over to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby to load up on patriotic colored Fimo clay.  I’m sure the FDA wouldn’t approve, but you’re not going to be ingesting anything that has been in contact with the Fimo, unless you eat corn cobs. Here’s what you need:Fimo molding clay

2″ to 21/2′ stainless steel nails

Roll the clay into a ball (or any shape you like)

Insert two nails evenly into the clay, squeezing the clay around the nails to hold them in

Bake as the package indicates

Use at your own party or give as a hostess gift for a festive touch

See the full post on eHow. Continue Reading

Make Your Own True and Stylish Citronella Candles


Amy found out that most citronella candles don’t contain even a bit of real citronella essential oil, but only a synthetically produced scent with none of the bug deterring benefits. She carefully whipped up her own batch using real citronella java essential oil (not the citronella oil sold for Tiki torches), and created her own jazzed up jars to give them some style.  She used a little melted crayon for soft colors. Of course, you can skip the whole bug candle thing and just add some drops of your favorite scent to make delicious smelling indoor candles. Continue Reading

Make Root Beer Float Cupcakes


The conversation in my upholstery classes often roams into the land of sweet, unusual, and delicious recipes. We spend a lot of time discussing the latest from The Smitten Kitchen. Finally I had to see it for myself. You’ll love the magazine-quality photography as well as the side commentary on all sorts of cleverly turned recipes. I’ve actually been daydreaming about these Root Beer Float Cupcakes; a perfect portable combination of chocolate cake and a root beer float. Continue Reading

Free 4th of July Templates from Martha!

Independence Day is just around the corner, and if you’ve run out of time to indulge your holiday craftiness, Martha has two free download-able templates of the red, white and blue variety.

First up are her two charming Fan Templates. The instructions on how to assemble them are on the Stars-and-Stripes Fan Template.

Next are her cute little can cover templates.

For more 4th of July decorating ideas, visit Martha’s 4th of July page. Continue Reading