Mid-Century Modern Blog of the Week: The Vintage Life.

Dave and Rebecca from The Vintage Life started the blog, in their own words, to “share our passion for living the vintage lifestyle. From the home we own and fill with 1950 and 1960s items to our vintage camper and boat, we are proud to be vintage through and through. Join us on our vintage journey, so far it has been a great ride.”

created at: 2010/01/25

Over the last few days, they’ve been featuring a series of vintage postcards they found in an now-closed antique store in Columbus, WI. Continue Reading

Plan 59 – Retro Illustration Resource

Plan 59 is an online museum and gift shop of mid-century illustrations and art. Full of vintage advertising images, sales literature, and just plain old retro art, it’s the kind of place in which you can get lost for hours. They even have a collection entitled “Decor” where you can resource and get inspiration for your own mid-century spaces.


Many of the images are also available as a digital print. Head to Plan59 to learn more. Continue Reading

How To: Host a Mod Christmas Party

Love the sound of the jingle bells and the vibraphone playing bossa nova Christmas carols? Love swanky retro decor in colors other than red and green? Perhaps a tiki mug full of a candy cane martini?


Then, my friend, you’re primed to host a mod Christmas party.

Check out this post from Life123 to get yourself started, then add some invitation/greeting cards from Shag, and throw on Esquivel’s marvelous Merry Christmas from the Space Age Bachelor Pad. Continue Reading

Free Papercraft: Mid-Century Christmas Village.

The popularity of Christmas village decorama hit the big time during the mid-century modern craze of the post-war United States, but largely, their motifs didn’t explore the sharp geometricism of their contemporary era, but harkened back to a more quaint holiday aesthetic of the Dickens era.

Thankfully, we midmod holiday fans have a friend in Em from Modern Cottage, who has created three free, downloadable patterns to make your own mid-century Christmas village from a single sheet of paper. Continue Reading

Mid-Century Modern Finds at Urban Outfitters

The fine folks at Atomic Addiction have been doing a little window shopping…web browser window shopping, that is, and they’ve been peering into UrbanOutfitters.com, the website of the tries-to-be-too-hip-for-its-own-good-but-still-a-great-place-to-get-all-the-cool-stuff-you-see-online brick and mortar store found near university campuses and other metropolitan neighborhoods.

Among the finds include two 50s-inspired but not kitschy shower curtains, some great sofas and chairs, a lamp or two, and several great alarm clocks, including my favorite, which includes an 1/8″ input for your iPod. Continue Reading

Plasticland’s Cool Retro-Styled Christmas Cards.

If you’re like me, then you’re simply insane for the holiday season, and get totally stoked by all that invokes the magic of Christmastide, and are totally okay with embracing it now that Halloween and Election have come to a close.

And if you’re like me, things that seem as if they were designed in the late 40s to the early 60s just look fabulous, regardless of the season.

So, if you’re like me, you’ll dig these retro-styled Christmas cards from Plasticland. Continue Reading