Make These: Rorschach Ink Blot Pillows

Make these: DIY Rorschach test pillows

Are you familiar with the Rorschach Test? It's the psychological exam where you look at ink blots and say what you see. Depending on how you interpret the ink, you receive a different diagnosis of your psyche. Now, I'm not a psychiatrist by any means, but I do know a DIY opportunity when I see one. Whether or not you interpret the shapes as a bear, or as the face of your mother, throw a little color in there and we've got ourselves a project. Continue Reading

Make This! Abstract Wall Art Using a Hair Dryer

DIY abstract art using a hair dryer

Lately I've been getting sucked into watching painting videos on Instagram. The abstract paintings are the best. I love the ones where the artist is seemingly just messing around, throwing paint here and there, when suddenly BAM! – some well-placed paint or drip technique brings it all together. While I'm not as clever an abstract painter as these Instagram stars are, you don't have to be an expert to make some fun abstract wall art. I made this piece the other day using a hair dryer – keep reading and I'll show you how.               Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 MORE Affordable DIY Modern Wall Art Projects!

created at: 05/24/2012

Last month, we featured ten modern DIY art projects that ranged from bold and graphic to subdued and subtle. We’re back at it again with a fresh new roundup of contemporary art inspiration — and it’s all stuff you can make yourself (of course). Enjoy!    

1. DIY Painting Tutorial by Happy Sighs

2. Paint Swatch Collage Tutorial by Homedit

3. Pinwheel Painting Tutorial by Elise Blaha

4. Abstract Art Tutorial by Oh Happy Day

created at: 05/24/2012

5. Pixel Painting Tutorial by Wit & Whistle

6. Continue Reading

How To: Fix Ugly Thrift Store Paintings!

created at: 08/31/2011

We’ve all seen them: hideous paintings that look to have come from a dentist’s office circa 1991.  Thrift store specialties!  But before you pass by these massive works of, um, art, consider their inherent value.  A new canvas is expensive.  A sad thrift store painting is not.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Let’s fix this thing with some DIY art!  

Tsh Oxenreider, the creative and highly organized mind behind Simple Mom, found the above pictured painting at her local thrift store.   Continue Reading

How-To: Make Your Own Calder Mobile

created at: 2009-02-18


The dangling bright colors and shapes of Alexander Calder’s mobiles have always fascinated me. I’ve never tried to make one but I’ve just found simple, yet roomy instructions to make your own interpretation of a Calder mobile for your own home. The newly rennovated Indianapolis Museum of Art has a fantastic heavy duty Calder mobile hanging above their atrium walkway that makes me want to get busy.

What you’ll need:

  • Needle-nose pliers Wire (hardware stores sell 200ft rolls of galvanized wire)
  • Sheet of 1/2″ ply wood for the weights or shapes at the end of the wires
  • Drill and bit (same diameter as the wire)
  • Clamp to hold the wood pieces when drilling
  • Jig saw to cut out the wood pieces.
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