Make It: Fancy Striped ‘Party’ Ice Cubes!

created at: 04/19/2012

While certainly time-consuming*, these striped “party” ice cubes are sure to take your shindig to the next level!   

The party planning people at Martha Stewart Weddings created three versions of this striped concoction: two boozy and one non-alcoholic. Perfect for any and all guests! Check out what you’ll need to make your own right here.

Happy weekend!

*Definitely make these well ahead of time! Each layer needs about an hour or so in the freezer. Continue Reading

Booze, Not Boos: 8 Pumpkin Cocktails with a Punch

It’s pumpkin season. But instead of carving the buggers, how about drinking them? These boozy recipes would be perfect to serve at any fall gathering but especially at Halloweentime and Thanksgiving. 

We’ll start with the very fun and festive Pumpkin Margarita.

Or how about a Pumpkin Martini? You can find the recipe at Mermaids of the Lake.

Here’s one Don Draper would love (but what drink doesn’t Don love?): a Pumpkin Pie Old Fashioned. It starts with Harvest Syrup, which National Post tells us how to concoct as well.  Continue Reading

Recipe Roundup: Oreo Cookies and Booze

double-stuff-oreos.png Oreos

Yesterday I had a great idea for today’s installment of Foodie Friday: a roundup of recipes using Oreo cookies. Little did I know that Nabisco has that pretty much covered. From beverages to pies to candies and everything in between, you can find dozens and dozens of recipes on their website featuring that quintessential black and white sandwich cookie. What they DON’T have in their collection, however, is alcoholic drinks made with Oreo. Yup, Oreo cookies and booze. Continue Reading

Red, White and Booze Part Deux

Red, White, and HPNOTIQ Blue Martini Martini Photo

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. I can almost smell the sulfur in the air! Although The Fourth wouldn’t be The Fourth without fireworks, it also wouldn’t be The Fourth without some festive libations. Awhile back I posted a few red, white and blue boozy recipes, including non-alcoholic options for each. I thought it was time to add to our patriotic, bar tending arsenal. A search of the internet came up with some doozies. Continue Reading

How to Turn Vodka into Gin

[before and after, the after shows the liquid colored a bit]

Who knew you could turn vodka into ‘flavored’ gin? Megan did, which compelled her to give it a go. With the help of a Brita filter (it takes the harshness out of the vodka, (especially if it’s cheap vodka) some berries, spices,herbs, and zest, she made her own flavored gin. You can read all about her adventure at Not Martha.


Thirteen Alternative Uses For Vodka.

As always, there's more than one. You'll note the original list includes fifteen items, but an episode of Mythbusters debunked that vodka helps with poison ivy/oak, and that it deters bees. Still, thirteen other uses can't be beat.

1. Remove a bandaid with less pain.

2. Clean the caulking around bathtubs and showers,

3. Clean your eyeglasses.

4. Prolong the life of razor blades

5. Clean vomit stains.

6. Use as an astringent

7. Mix with shampoo to clean your  scalp. Continue Reading

Halloween Hooch

As they say, candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker, so in the spirit of he season, I’ve scrounged around looking for cocktail recipes that put the howl in Halloween. Here’s some of the spookiest!


  • 1 part bourbon whiskey
  • 1 part Drambuie
  • 1 part Dubonnet

Mix with ice and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with a red cherry and a twist of lemon.

Black Magic

  • 1-1/2 oz. Vodka
  • 3/4 oz. Coffee Liqueur
  • dash of lemon

Mix the Vodka and Liqueur with cracked ice in shaker; follow up with the dash of lemon juice. Continue Reading

Red, White and Booze: DIY Cocktail Ideas for July 4th

Let’s face it, the Fourth of July is less about independence than fireworks, food and adult refreshments. For the sake of my digits, I’ll leave the pyrotechnics to the professionals, and as I’m a vegetarian, you’d be better served getting barbecue advice from a meat eater, but as a kid who played ‘Bar’ with her older brothers and sisters, I feel somewhat qualified to pass on a few drink recipes.

Yankee Doodle
Combine and serve in a rocks glass over ice:

  • 1 part UV Blue Raspberry-flavored vodka
  • 2 parts sour mix
  • 1 part tonic water

(For a non-alcoholic version, substitute raspberry-flavored fruit juice for vodka.) Continue Reading