10 Clever Uses for Plastic Bags

Woman wearing plastic bags as knee pads
  1. Knee protectors for gardening.
  2. Makeshift hand protectors–they’re not just for picking up doggy doo!
  3. Paintbrush prolongers.
  4. Impromptu rain hats.
  5. Kitchen cleanup helpers.
  6. Wrapping paper. (Cuter than you might imagine!)
  7. Wet umbrella holders.
  8. Impromptu shoe protectors. 
  9. Cookbook protectors. (Love this one.)
  10. Plant fillers.

Have a clever use for plastic bags to add to this list from Real Simple? Please add it in the comments below!

Image: Kana Okada


How To: Van Gogh on a Bottle.


Seeking to repurpose a used wine bottle and reapply the skills she learned in college, Monica Ewing sought to recreate a classic impressionist painting on her unlikely surface. “It was the perfect assignment for a novice painter such as me. On a wine bottle, you can’t see the entire painting at once, so mistakes in proportion, etc. are obscured. Here, I copied one of my favorite Vincent van Gogh works: Wheat Field with Cypresses.” Continue Reading

Nine Alternative Uses for Ketchup.

Ketchup. Catsup. Catchup. Some folks in my family even choose to say ‘tomato ketchup’…you know, to distinguish it from eggplant or fava bean ketchup. Or perhaps to convince themselves that it shouldn’t rather be called “corn syrup ketchup.”

Regardless, it’s sticky sweet and acidic make-up provide from some interesting uses other than dressing your tater tots. Here’s nine from the Daily Green.

1. Shine Your Copper


2. Get Those Auto Parts Gleaming

3. Fight Skunk Odors

4. Continue Reading

How to: Repurpose a Ketchup Bottle for Perfect Pancakes

Ketchup bottle as batter dispenserYou’ve seen the technique at your local diner: a handheld dispenser full of batter is floated over a nice cripsy griddle, creating perfectly round and drip-free flapjacks. And you can buy things for home use…

But why would you, with this tip from Real Simple. Just throughly wash a large, squeezable condiment bottle, and fill it with your batter of choice. “Portioning pancake batter with precision and without the usual mess of transferring batter from the bowl. Continue Reading

Rain Gutter Gardens.

Below: Suzanne Forsling's windowbox garden after two months.Suzanne Forsling, raised in Iowa but now living in Juneau, had a need to grow her own produce, has only a bit of sunny space in her yard, and it was tiny. Her solution? Don’t grow the goodies next to the house…grow ’em ON the house.

“Why not put rain gutters in rows along the wood siding on the sunny
side of the house[?] It might look weird, but that was where all the
heat, sun and protection from damage is best.We Continue Reading

17 Cool Magnetic Tricks.

Home use and DIY projects, geek crafts, handmade toys…there’s nothing wrong with keeping a few neodymiums in your tool box. The clever team at Evil Mad Scientist have assembled seventeen helpful uses, with original photographs!Magnet tricks

Some highlights:

  • Extract batteries from stubborn holders
  • Find studs in your walls
  • Make a homopolar motor
  • Make LED Throwies
  • Demonstrate magnetohydrodynamic propulsion
  • Make a simple compass
  • Experiment with self assembly
  • Make almost anything (ferromagnetic) into a building set
  • Make a Curie motor

Check out the full list here. Continue Reading

Alternative Uses for Tea Bags

created at: 2009-04-15

Woo Hoo! Today is Tea-Bagging Day! For all those tea-baggers out there,
here’s some alternative uses for teabags, to help celebrate the occasion.

  1. Tea-bag sunburns.
  2. Tea-bag puffy eyelids.
  3. Tea-bag razor burn.
  4. Tea-bag gray hair.
  5. Tea-bag dry hair.
  6. Tea-bag skin for a self-tan.
  7. Tea-bag boils.
  8. Tea-bag sore, nursing nipples.
  9. Tea-bag bleeding gums.
  10. Tea-bag injection sites.
  11. Tea-bag poison ivy.
  12. Tea-bag feet.
  13. Tea-bag mouths.
  14. Tea-bag tough meat.
  15. Tea-bag furniture and floors.
  16. Tea-bag clothes.
  17. Tea-bag mirrors.
  18. Tea-bag fireplaces.
  19. Tea-bag pulse points.
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