How To Sharpen Scissors Yourself

Scissors get dull. Fast. Getting them professionally sharpened can cost a pretty penny, too. Rather than shelling out for a sharpening session or for a brand new pair of shears, I decided to learn exactly how to sharpen scissors on my own. I did a little research, and here's what I learned:      

How to sharpen scissors at home.


 As all of these processes involve handling sharp blades (and dull blades which can actually be more dangerous), exercise some caution. No pointing the blade at your self, wear your safety goggles, and absolutely no running with the scissorsContinue Reading

12 New Uses for Aluminum Foil

According to Green Daily, a whopping 1.3 billion pounds of aluminum foil is made every year in the U.S. Although its as recyclable as any old aluminum can, a lot of recycling programs won’t accept the stuff due to ‘sanitary reasons’. It’s no wonder why environmentalists encourage its re-use. Here’s 12 new uses for the foil:

  1. Use it as tin foil again….after you’ve washed it. (This is something my mother would do.)
  2. Sharpen scissors and garden shears with it.
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6 Alternate Uses for Aluminum Foil

created on: 02/04/09   created on: 02/04/09

or ‘AluminIum’ foil for the Brit contingent. Real Simple has 6 things
to do with foil, and very useful they are too. Though bizarrely, they
haven’t added ‘use whole roll to make suit of armour
when drunk’ or ‘fashion hat to thwart brain-wave stealing aliens’
to the list. But you can:

  • use it to iron dedicates
  • add those cool stripes to grilled food
  • get better TV… They don’t mean that it blocks Everybody Loves Raymond, just that it can clear up your picture quality.
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