Make This! Crafter’s Tool Belt With Detachable Apron

Make This! Crafter's Tool Belt With Detachable Apron | Curbly #diy #sewing
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

As a serious crafter, I always have two recurring problems: I ruin my clothing (thanks to paint/stain/glue splatters), and I'm also always running around the house looking for tools as I'm trying to finish my project. So I made a crafting tool belt with detachable apron, and it solved both of these problems! Now I can gather all my tools at the start of the project and literally keep them on me as I work.  Continue Reading

Make This: The Half Hour Half Apron

Easy half apron tutorial (no pattern needed!)

Are you ready for a crazy-quick sewing project? I’m calling this the “half hour half apron” because it’s one of the fastest sewing projects I think I’ve ever completed. Honestly, if I busted out a few more of these half aprons, I believe I could get my time down to 15 minutes. No sweat. My point is, this half apron is a breeze to make. This is a perfect project for beginner sewers. Plus, who doesn’t need an adorable handmade apron in their kitchen?    Continue Reading

How To: Make a Durable, Adjustable Kitchen Apron

created at: 08/20/2011

Every time I see someone wearing an apron I always stop and think how skilled they look. Like wearing one automatically makes you that much better of a chef or baker. You know what they say, fake it ’til you make it.  

created at: 08/20/2011

I really like this adjustable apron project. One, because it’s made of such a durable fabric and two, anyone can wear it. I’m hoping that this DIY will have me looking like somone who knows what they’re doing in the kitchen in no time flat! Continue Reading

How to turn 2 napkins into 1 FABULOUS apron.

created on: 07/14/08

This apron was inspired by Mary Ray’s tutorial over at craftstylish. I’m afraid Mary Ray lost me around step 3 so I decided to wing it. (The instructions might look lengthy, but the project is really simple and works up in no time at all!)

created on: 07/14/08

What you need:

2 large fabric napkins (I found mine on sale for 2 bucks a piece.)
several yards of grosgrain ribbon (I used 7/8″ wide ribbon, which cost $1.80.) Continue Reading

How To Make an Apron Out of Old Jeans.

A ounce of prevention is worth some unnecessary stain-stick and a load of laundry. Protect your clothes while cooking, crafting, or tablesawing with this cool how-to via CraftyCrafty:

“We’ve all got an old pair of jeans lying around somewhere that’s
either gone out of style or no longer fits us (and if not, charity
shops and thrift stores can’t get rid of the things). So take some
scissors to your old denim and get stitching, with this easy to follow pattern. Continue Reading

How To Make an Apron from a Pillowcase.

“When I saw this pillow case at the thrift store, I thought it already looked like an apron. Pillowcases and sheets are so easy and fun to recycle, so many possibilities. There are a lot of pictures so it may seem complicated, but this is honestly the easiest thing I’ve ever made. It would be a great project to introduce kids to sewing because it’s mostly sewing straight lines. I just included a few sewing tips of things I wish I’d known when I first started sewing that I picked up along the way.” Continue Reading