Infusing Turquoise Into Your Color Palette

created at: 2010/01/26

All Photos: House of Turquoise

Remember, turquoise is HOT! The beautiful thing about it is that you’re not really in a bind if you want to drop a dollup of turquoise into your decor to freshen things up. Once you peruse this entire blog  dedicated to the use of turquoise of some form, you’ll see its’ versatility and calming effect in a room, no matter what the color scheme. House of Turquoise has gathered up quite a catalogue of turquoise interiors from the blogosphere, take a look at a few more unexpected combinations that feel like a breath of fresh air. Continue Reading

Before and After: A Punch of Aqua Goes a Long Way

created at: 2010/01/21

Fabric cording? Nooooo…it’s aqua vinyl! When you pick the right color, there’s no going wrong. Take a look at what three coats of delicious aqua paint will do when paired with a large, modern, graphic, floral fabric. It’s fresh, modern, filled with hi grade upholstery foam and as comfy as can be. If you love it, it’s on etsy right here. Now take a look at Cinderella before the fairy mod home ec teacher paid her a visit…created at: 2010/01/21

Ugh! Continue Reading