Move Over, Air Plants – There’s a New Trend in Town

Move over, Air Plants. You've got competition. (Marimo Moss Balls 101)

We are toe-deep in this air plant trend (I say only toe deep because they are very teeny plants). Also known as tillandsia, air plants are are everywhere you look. If you’re like me and you’re always on the hunt for an easy-to-care-for plant, chances are you owned at least one. Air plants are cool because they require no dirt, but what if I told you there was a plant that requires no watering because it lives in water?? Continue Reading

How To Change Water in a Fish Tank.

I've got tremendous allergies to furry things, so fish and lizards were my only pet option. When cleaning or changing water, I, out of ignorance, apparently made a few mistakes, and the next morning, my dander-less friends were often floating atop the tank.

I was asked to help clean and change the water of an aquarium at a nursery with which I am associated, so this time I decided to do it right!  I found these tips from EHow to be of most use. Continue Reading

15 Variations on the Standard Fish Bowl.

Designer Roger Arquer has created Fish Bowls, a project that presents fifteen new variations on the standard fish bowl. “Each piece examines a topic or suggests a solution to a different issue. In this project human qualities had been attributed to fish through the design. Thoughtful and yet playful, FishBowls relate with Birdland and Mousetraps, two previous projects also conceptualized on variations.”

See all 15 designs, and learn what they teach us. 


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For the retro-chic fishy

The Retro Room Aquarium from Wishing Fish comes pre-furnished with such retro-chic items as a groovy lounge chair, lava lamp, area rug and, just in case fishy gets bored, a vintage-style console TV. The swanky aquarium ($20) is designed to hold a real fish, but it comes with a plastic finned friend, who compliments the room perfectly.

Fish Tank Coffee Table.

Have a look at this excellent coffee-table shaped aquarium from Clear-Seal. Each coffee table comes with a “toughened glass top” with polished, rounded edges for safety, a light diffuser, a progressive filter system. In your choice of finishes: Dark Oak, Light Oak, Limed Oak, Medium Oak, Yew, Mahogany or Mirrored glass, and in several size.
But, with the tips offered by these guys, one could surely come up with a DIY version customized to fit your space.
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