A Crash Course in Mid-Century Modern Design, and How You Can Get the Look

Mid century modern guide to furniture, architecture and design
Drawing of a Suburban House from a 1953 issue of House + Home
Photo from the archives of the author.

Mid-Century Modernism is ubiquitous – from Ikea to West Elm, Architectural Digest to Houzz, the sleek, clean style remains atop interior design charts almost ten years after its resurgence began (often accredited to the onset of Mad Men in 2007). This article provides a crash course in the movement's important figures, furniture and interior design styles. Continue Reading

Classic-Modern Elegance: Design Inspiration for the Curbly House

Design Inspiration for the Curbly House 2017

Earlier this week we told you all about our new Curbly House makeover. A house we're so excited to take on, get to know, make beautiful, and then put on the market again (furnished and polished and perfect).  

More than just a flip

While this project is, by definition, a flip, I view it as a lot more than that. When we're finished with it, I want it to have a cohesive design and a story. Continue Reading

Thinking of Buying an Old Home? Here are 13 Questions You Need to Ask Before Making an Offer

13 questions to ask yourself before making an offer on an old house.

The allure of an old home? Definitely the charm and character. Old homes were built to last, the materials are usually higher quality, and the handmade details just can't be found in new developer builds. My husband and I have more than ten years of professional and personal experience in renovating old homes. We are not experts, but we are professionals, and I would love to share a few things we have learned from renovating old homes.     Continue Reading

30 Outdoor Fire Pits that will Make You Jealous

Summer is just around the corner, which means it's the perfect time to update your backyard for barbecues and outdoor get togethers! If you need a little inspiration or just want to gawk at gorgeous backyards, these 30 outdoor fire pits and fireplaces will make you incredibly jealous.


1. This ultra cozy outdoor fireplace with layered textiles looks like a comfortable setting. [Photo: Mikkel Vang via Domino]

2. Continue Reading

Not Just For Hipsters: In Defense of Tiny Houses


Photo: StudioBuell Photography

As the internet’s authority on ugly oversized houses, I am frequently asked about my views on tiny houses, mostly by people who hate them.

To get my manifesto started: I love tiny houses with all my heart because, above all, they are a symbol of change.

The tiny house movement is a symbol of moving towards a more sustainable way of life in the wake of the McMansion era of old. It isn’t just smug hipsters moving into tiny houses, it’s everyday people who simply want to live with less. Continue Reading

Why Everyone Should Know About Their Local Salvaged Materials Store

Why everyone should check out their local salvage store

If you’re on the look out for good deals and unique finds for your home you should check out your local architectural salvage store or community ReStore. Here are some reasons why…   


Architectural Salvage Store

An architectural salvage store specializes in architectural artifacts, old building materials, and unique antiques. I like to say that in these stores history is trying to repeat itself.

Owners of architectural salvage stores rescue unique items from old homes and commercial properties soon to be torn down or renovated. Continue Reading

DIYable $300 “Reading” Cabin

The Rock Bottom cabin exterior
Photo: Inhabitat

Tiny home aficionado Derek Diedricksen built this off-the-grid, 8′ x ‘8 “reading” cabin in Vermont for just $300. He was able to keep the price tag so low by using recycled parts. The front deck was made using an abandoned  fence wall and free 2 x 4’s.

The Rock Bottom cabin interior 1
Photo: Inhabitat

The wall of windows looks like it could have been made with salvaged materials as well. As for the corrugated roof, my friend Craigslist is loaded with it, but, even purchased new, it’s still very affordable roofing material. Continue Reading

You Won’t Believe What this Barn Looks Like Inside


Flanders, Belgium Barn Exterior
Photo: designboom

This small barn located in Flanders, Belgium has been transformed into a dreamy office space, courtesy of Studio Farris Architects. The project utilizes “an autonomous piece of furniture” made of stacked wood beans that not only creates individual workspaces but also a  second floor.  

Flanders, Belgium Barn Interior 1
Photo: designboom


Yes, a second floor and a stairway to get there. To read more about the project and to see more pictures of the barn, both inside and out, visit designboom. Continue Reading

Apartment Tour: 90 Square Feet in NYC

Photo: Curbed

Helen Rowell’s tiny West Village apartment is one of the tiniest I’ve ever seen. At just 78 inches wide, it’s smaller than a queen-size bed is long. But it IS in the West Village and her rent is only $775 a month. Helen’s become quite adept at getting rid of stuff, which she says is  her “favorite thing,” which is good because 90 square feet doesn’t hold much. 

Although, Helen has mastered the small space she does have. Continue Reading

Abandoned European Homes are Glorious Timecapsules

Image: Ransom Riggs & Martino Zegwaard

Author Ransom Riggs, of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children fame, made a movie-type trailer for the novel before its release. His filming took him to Belgium to find a setting akin to Miss Peregrine’s Home. Along with urban explorer and photographer Martino Zegwaard, he visited–and entered–abandoned homes and found nearly untouched vignettes of other people’s lives. There is a reverential quality to the film the duo made chronicling their discoveries, and justly so. Continue Reading