Art Deco Before and After

52-54 Iris: The Original Facade

Usually before and after images elicit a positive reaction. This one may not. Located in Laurel Heights, (San Francisco) the art deco two-unit building pictured above underwent a major renovation a few years back. Here’s what it looked like after the remodel:    

52-54 Iris: The New Facade

As for the interior, that went through extensive remodeling too. What do you think? In your opinion, was it the appropriate design direction in which to take the property? (To see more images, visit SocketSite.) Continue Reading

The World’s Most Expensive Movie Poster

World’s most expensive movie poster

Does the robot in this poster look familiar? It should; it inspired George Lucas’s C-P3O. Promoting Fritz Lang’s 1927 film “Metropolis”, the poster, sold at auction back in 2005 by the Austrian National Library, brought in an impressive $690,000. Why so spendy? The movie is considered a masterpiece and only 3 other copies of the poster are known to exist. Its art deco fabulousness doesn’t hurt either!

If you’re groovin’ on the image but are short a million bucks, not to worry. Continue Reading

LED Art Fan

The blades of Think Geek’s oh-so-fabulous LED Art Fan are outfitted with 42 LEDs, which, when they spin, create images. The images displayed are entirely up to you as the product includes software that enables importation of animated GIF files or 128 of your own individual images. Some of the features of the product include, 5MB of storage, 85 diameter pixel resolution surrounded by chrome art-deco styling. Not cheap at $389.99, but what a cool way to display your business’s logo or favorite images? Continue Reading