Make This! Abstract Wall Art Using a Hair Dryer

DIY abstract art using a hair dryer

Lately I've been getting sucked into watching painting videos on Instagram. The abstract paintings are the best. I love the ones where the artist is seemingly just messing around, throwing paint here and there, when suddenly BAM! – some well-placed paint or drip technique brings it all together. While I'm not as clever an abstract painter as these Instagram stars are, you don't have to be an expert to make some fun abstract wall art. I made this piece the other day using a hair dryer – keep reading and I'll show you how.               Continue Reading

Vertical Gardening: How to Wall-Mount Plants and Make Every Room Better!

Vertical garden
Photo: Rachel Jacks

What do you do when you run out of horizontal space for houseplants? Go up! A vertical garden made of wall-mounted plants is easier to put together than you might think, and we have a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to make your own.                     

It seems like every other week a new study comes out showing ways that plants are good for human health. But if your plants are a danger to the health of your furry friends, another advantage to a vertical garden is that it can keep plants safely away from cats or dogs who fancy a nibble. Continue Reading

Learn How to Use Punch Needle Embroidery to Make DIY Art

Learn How to Use Punch Needle Embroidery to Make DIY Art
Photo:  Faith Towers Provencher

If you love crafting (and I'm guessing you do, if you're looking at Curbly right now!) then perhaps you've heard of an embroidery tool called a punch needle. I hadn't heard of it until recently, but I'm now a convert. It produces a raised texture using small loops, and it goes quite quickly thanks to the ingenious design of the needle. Today I'm sharing what I've learned about punch needle embroidery so you can get started with this fun needle art process!    Continue Reading

14 Easy Picture Frame Makeover Ideas

Whether you're decorating your home with stand-alone frames or a gallery wall, you may begin to feel bored in a sea of plain white frames. I get it, they're my go-to choice too! Luckily, it's easy to makeover craft frames or plain white frames throughout your home to give it a more personalized look. With these easy picture frame makeover ideas, you'll be able to make each frame feel unique – like it was made for the photo inside of it! Continue Reading

How to: DIY Modern Wall Art in Under 30 Minutes

DIY Modern wall art in under 30 minutes
Photo: Rachel Brewer

When it comes to revamping a room in my home or studio, I love wall art projects because they usually give you the most bang for your buck in terms of transforming a space. Admittedly though, I don't always have the time it takes to create awesome DIY art pieces. So, I came up with a modern, minimal way to add great artwork to your walls in under 30 minutes and thought I'd share the tutorial,  in case you're always in a time crunch for DIYs like I am. Continue Reading

How to: DIY Family Silhouette Art in Under an Hour

Family Silhouette Art in Under an Hour

I've been itching to do some DIY art for our home that could involve my kids, but still be stylish and modern. This family silhouette art is definitely a blast from the past! I remember doing this in elementary school and coming home proudly displaying my rather odd-looking silhouette for my parents. This time around, I decided to have it more large scale, keeping the colors simple and the frames clean. It took less than an hour by the time I had them framed and up on the wall!  Continue Reading

Make This: “Hello Spring” Printable Wall Art

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Spring is right around the corner, even if it doesn't feel like it quite yet… but to get you in the mood, I designed a floral printable coloring page to usher in the next season. And it will look great on your wall if you pop it in a frame. Click through to download the file.   


Photo: Faith Towers Provencher


This is a fun project to do with the kids on one of the those dreary, late winter days too. Continue Reading

DIY Place Cards With Faux Calligraphy

DIY Place Cards With Faux Calligraphy
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

So you love the look of calligraphy, but you don't have the time to learn how to do it? Or the patience, or the steady hand? Well there's an easy way to fake it 'til you make it… today I'm going to show you how to make your own faux calligraphy place cards for Thanksgiving, Christmas or your next dinner party.   


DIY Place Cards With Faux Calligraphy
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

The end result is totally elegant and surprisingly easy to achieve. Continue Reading

Full House Tour: Our 2017 Curbly House Renovation is Complete!

Curbly House 2017 Dining Room

The 2017 Curbly House is done! It went on the market last weekend, and (to my surprise and delight), we've already had several showings. After two-and-a-half months of intense renovation work, it feels a little weird this week, knowing there's nothing left to do except blog about it. I keep checking my 'To-Do' list, and it's all crossed off, which is my JAM! 

Scroll down for the full, room-by-room reveal of the 2017 Curbly House, along with complete product lists (from our featured vendor partner, Hayneedle) and details about how we transformed each space.  Continue Reading

Giving the Curbly House Dining Room a Minted Makeover

Curbly House Dining Room Gallery Wall of Family Photos

This post is sponsored by Minted. 

We've been rocking the same gallery wall in the Curbly House dining room for nearly four years. It was full of treasured family photos, and although we loved it, we were ready to change things up a bit. To give the room a fresh feel, we got some help from Minted, using their personalized art styling service to find new images that we loved. 

Minted is a design marketplace connecting you to unique products from the world’s best emerging artists.

Continue Reading