18 Gallery Wall Ideas and How to Steal Them

18 Gallery Wall Ideas and How to Steal Them

I recently hung a gallery wall in my dining room using a combination of various frames and a couple other items, but first I scoured the internet for inspiration and a variety of gallery wall ideas to bring my boring white wall to life. Gallery walls add so much personality to a space, and you can customize them so many ways using new pieces, pieces you already own or a combination of the two.  

Here are 18 gallery wall ideas to draw inspiration from (and steal for your own home)! Continue Reading

How To: Make Your Own Oversized Picture Frames — For Cheap!

Having artwork or photography custom framed is expensive — there’s no way around it. Having a giant piece of art framed? Well, you may just have to sell your first born. With this simple DIY framing project, though, you can save your progeny and your pennies and still have some fantastically framed artwork!      

Kim and Scott from Yellow Brick Home put together this awesome tutorial for building your own custom wood frames that will work no matter what size you need. Continue Reading

How To: Make Scandinavian-Inspired Hanging Photo Frames!

created at: 08/05/2011

We’ve featured a few Scandinavian-inspired DIY projects here in the past (remember this gorgeous coat stand?  Or this rag rug-inspired light?), but this may be the simplest and most universally appealing of them all (no Scandinavian cabin required).  

This hanging photo frame project is the creation of brilliant blogger and DIYer Annaleena Karlsson as part of her ongoing series with Emmas Designblogg.  I love how the asymmetrical frames work together to create an unexpected (and truly unique) display.   Continue Reading

Make It: Affordable DIY Potato Print Art!

created at: 07/06/2011

A home isn’t complete without art on the walls but let’s face it: art can be expensive, not to mention the potential cost of framing said pieces.  If your bare walls are screaming out for a little art lovin’, we’ve got a DIY solution that’ll make a big impact on your space – not your wallet!  

With a budget dedicated to the practical essentials, splurging on original art or custom framing wasn’t really an option for Jordan Ferney, a letterpress printer, party planner, and prolific blogger (Oh Happy Day, anyone?).   Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Places You ‘Heart’ Map Art

I’m not really into hearts, but I’m really into this DIY idea. You tell the maker of the ‘Bespoke’ Heart Map Artwork ($400 US)  which places in the world are important to you and they punch the locales out of vintage maps, mount them and then frame them up. Now, how easy would this be to DIY?? If you don’t have a collection of vintage maps of your favorite places on hand, current maps would do just fine. Continue Reading

How To Cut Your Own Art Mats

A custom mat and frame job can do wonders for a mediocre piece of wall art. Unfortunately, the cost can be prohibitive unless you start matting and framing your own collection.  ApartmentTherapy posted a tutorial that will give you the confidence to at least give it a try. I’ve been thinking about preparing a mat cutting tutorial someday. Ha! Lucky for me, the work has been done.  Here’s what you need to get started:

1. Mats

2. Continue Reading

Super Easy Cup & Bucket Artwork

The lovely pieces of art seen in the pic above were made with a bucket and a plastic cup. Seriously.

To make one for your own, you’ll need:

  • stretched art canvas (although cheaper and heavier, a piece of MDF would work too)
  • acrylic paint, three different colors in all
  • a paint roller
  • a bucket and a foam cup
  • polyurethane

To see the entire tutorial, head on over to BHG.

Mini Modern Artwork for the Frugal Collector ($20)

While paging through this month's edition of Real Simple magazine, I came upon this gem…www.tinyshowcase.com.
This website features a community of artists who post one original piece of mini artwork every Tuesday. Each print sells for about $20, and is approximately 4 x 6 inches. What's more is that a percentage of each print sold goes to a charity of the artist's choosing. They have a gallery of several pieces from the past, and this week's print is perfect for anyone who is fond of The Old Man and the Sea.
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